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"Meeting teaching rich " roll out " embellish heart acts "
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Report from our correspondent is current, teenage psychological problem has made whole society and the central point that broad teenage parent pays close attention to. Study force is not centered, attend class bad good listen to a talk, be disgusted with learns, truant, get online to wait into addiction, not good at association, be teenage psychology problem is outstanding reflect, how guide correctly and help these adolescent, had become the difficult problem that puzzles broad teenage parent.
Element has “ home family to teach the 5th the first family that exhibits ” to teach exposition and Cultural Festival of 2008 teenage education to will save artistic center to kick off in Shijiazhuang on May 10. Congress is sponsorred jointly by the orgnaization such as bureau of Shijiazhuang city the Women's Federation, education, round municipal Party committee. Teach what ” gives priority to a problem to exhibit with “ family as countrywide only meeting, come 4 years congress organizing committee teachs a method with the family with “ correct promotion from beginning to end, introduce high grade study product ” to be a tenet, helped numerous parent walk out of godchild bewilderment, also let broad teachers and students one teachs the opportunity that orgnaization of research and development communicates face-to-face with adolescent. Mobile success is held, got the accord of local parent and school teachers and students welcomes. Congress got the country is taught net, medium net of industry of online, China education, China teachs blueness many 20 national large major such as online recruit students of complementary net, Chinese toy net, China the your kind effort of website and media. Current exposition will give priority to an axis with teenage education Cultural Festival, with teenage characteristic education is exhibited act, brand education recruit students seeks advice meeting, teach complementary hair peddling network forum, teenage education education things is recommended wait for series activity to rely on, make a brand-new family teach resource platform for force of bend of broad teenage friend.
During, ” of embellish heart operation will be in a ——“ of large commonweal activity that carries out free assistance in the light of problem adolescent Shijiazhuang city takes the lead in starting, this gave these teenage parents to bring good news undoubtedly. According to divulging, ” of operation of “ embellish heart is by congress the organizing committee is initiated, the psychology of adolescent of a “ that combines research organization of domestic relevant media, teenage psychology to be initiated jointly helps love project. ”
In the meantime, to urge the parent that acquires outstanding contribution in domestic education field, cultural Festival organizing committee still will combine relevant media to hold “ jointly activity of selection ” of ’ of first ‘ successful mom, of ” of story of godchild of ’ of mom of success of hand-in-hand travel “‘ collect. At present each preparatory job of the Cultural Festival is in nervous and orderly ground to undertake. The company unit that already much home pays close attention to teenage education and organizing committee negotiate actively, showed strong interest to relevant activity.
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