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Domestic rich can join UFI " can exhibit U.N. of course of study " add Xin Ding
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Rich of home of the 6th China International is met (abbreviation home rich is met) already exhibited  examine and verify of allied  UFI through international, attestation of permissive use UFI exhibits meeting label. On January 22, china is light industrial federation discloses external in Beijing, will mix a when the home gain that will hold in Ning Bo in July can become “ world formally to be able to exhibit ” of U.N. of course of study in April this year.
Domestic rich meets director of organizing committee office, zhou Shaohua of deputy warden of government of people of Jiang Dong district of peaceful wave city introduces, move from the 2nd since Shi Ningbo, domestic rich is met sponsor jointly by federation of Chinese light industry and government of people of peaceful wave city. Breed through market of a few years, exhibition dimensions and influence expand increasingly, rich of the 4th home was met 2006 promote is exhibited for international, came true again 2007 spring, summer in installment couplet does. Current, this exposition has formed the exhibition area of nearly 80 thousand square metre and dimensions, visiting masses broke through 300 thousand person-time, make the whole world admiral of industry of the biggest household of the 5th the home, China is exhibited.
Zhou Shaohua expresses, joining UFI is another kind of show that meeting brand promotes a rich. Go a few years, the country in sponsorring a branch to be captured closely resides industrial peace conference to extend the new trend that the industry grows, around accelerate service of modern international trade and productivity service platform to build a demand, developed domestic rich adequately to meet the area of the authority inside the industry and Ning Bo advantage, make exhibit the open sex of the meeting, innovation sex and actual effect sex escalate. According to introducing, meeting general presents rich of the 6th home 5 large window: The first, the label that enables international to exhibit couplet UFI in the round. The 2nd, depth of activity of ” of 10 thousand lis of travel extends “ brand, farther promotion is exhibited the meeting is famous degree. The 3rd, exhibition dimensions continues to expand, extend a total scope relatively in former years promotes 50 % . The 4th, exhibit meeting strength of intellectual property protection is strengthened further. The 5th, praise highly is managing do extend pattern, offer menu type cloth to exhibit.
The reporter learns, household exposition sets a standard to exhibit in all this year 4300, in exhibiting content to cover household to go up downstream industry catenary. Among them, spring exhibits a name to live in exposition for the 6th China International, set a standard to exhibit 2800, cent estate, secondhand articles for use of outfit of room, kitchen, Wei Yu, solar energy, building materials, home, furniture, household 9 exhibit an area greatly, the corresponding period holds estate of the 12nd peaceful wave to reveal meeting, 2008 Ning Bo building to decorate exposition of furniture of wave of material exposition, 2008 peace. The summer exhibits a name to live in exposition furniture to exhibit for the 6th China International, set a standard to exhibit 1500, wait except articles for use of outfit of ark of fractionize furniture, hutch, floor, home, cloth art, household outside exhibiting an area, flourishing age of ad hoc “ collects the ” that exhibit an area, bring into the artwork such as antique, calligraphy and painting furniture to exhibit meeting, collect lover and investor to build platform for artwork.
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