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Material of Xiamen international stone is exhibited ginseng exhibit an enterpris
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Xinhua net Xiamen on March 6 report (reporter Lu Zhiyong, Zhang Yi) the 8th China (Xiamen) international stone material exhibits 6 days to be in kick off here, ginseng of company of lumber of the stone outside the nearly 200 family circumstances that comes from country and the area such as Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Spain, India is exhibited, include company of churchyard stone lumber and company of machinery of stone material tool, total ginseng exhibits an enterprise to count more than 1000.

As we have learned, current stone material exhibits outstanding internationalization, specialization, commercialize, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to involve supplier of material of domestic and international stone, content to shed company of business, treatment, equipment to make an enterprise wait, exhibit meeting accumulating to amount to 75 thousand square metre, increase 15 thousand square metre than on one; Install 4000 standards to exhibit, increase 1100 than on one.

Exhibit the strong interest that can arouse global professional traveling trader, according to organizing committee introduction, the travelling merchant outside predicting to enter meeting area will exceed 10 thousand person-time, always join meeting travelling merchant to will exceed 70 thousand person-time.

Current stone material is exhibited still will hold Italy of ”“ of congress of enlarge of chairman of association of material of “ China stone stone talent skill uses promotion meeting ”“ is Sino-Japanese the activity of set form a complete set such as ” of party of stone material entrepreneur, trend of progress of material of circumstance of organization of trade of lumber of domestic and international stone, stone and industry heat problem spread out discuss, show stone capable person newest product and technology, communication is newest market information, stimulative industry grows jointly.

Current stone material is exhibited by China commerce of city of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of 5 mine chemical industry, Xiamen develops commerce of bureau, China International to promote committee Xiamen branch to be sponsorred jointly, will conclude at 9 days.