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Rely on bead trigonometry industry catenary can exhibit economy to achieve rich
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The Hong Kong that witnesses Hong Kong to be able to exhibit legend of course of study can exhibit a center. (picture origin; Shenzhen business signs up for)

The place explodes full, poll clusters round, hong Kong all shows “ to be able to be exhibited ” is ecru. (picture origin; Shenzhen business signs up for)

Hong Kong conference exhibits a center to stand still beside beautiful Victoria harbor, just be like rise high into the air and the plane that remove, it witnessed Hong Kong to be able to exhibit the legend experience of course of study, here, gift is exhibited, leather is exhibited, horological exhibit, the toy is exhibited, gem is exhibited develop those who make global ranking very high to exhibit in succession meeting, hong Kong also develops to be able to be exhibited into the world-class “ of be worthy of the name ” .

Xie Zeen of bureau assistant president develops in Hong Kong commerce in the eye, stand by conference of bay young Hong Kong to exhibit a center to be taken, a good “ can exhibit zoology to encircle ” to had been formed, can exhibit course of study and hotel room, traffic the industry such as finance of content shedding, bank formed benign loop. Scan widely Hong Kong, already formed a bigger “ to be able to exhibit zoology to encircle ” , because start early, the service is good, hong Kong can exhibit course of study to present the state that develops flourishingly.

   Can exhibit achieve receive even more 26 billion HK dollar

Can exhibit, it is urban calling card; Be in Europe, can exhibit the beauty that has ” of “ city biscuit praise.

In recent years, depending on the market that its unique historical qualification, advantageous situation and long-term freedom open, and economy rises abruptly quickly, hong Kong can exhibit economy development is rapid.

A lot of exhibitions of “ Hong Kong from 0 begin, in Hong Kong conference exhibition center development becomes Asia and even international the biggest exhibit meeting. Xie Zeen of president of assistant of bureau of development of trade of ” Hong Kong reviews say. Current, the scope that Hong Kong can extend and internationalization level are rising ceaselessly: Showing a field, the gift with the greatest whole world and gift are exhibited, the leather with the greatest whole world is exhibited, global seniority is old the gem of 3 is exhibited, global second toy is exhibited, the Asia's biggest fashionable dress is exhibited, the electron is exhibited, domestic articles for use is exhibited hold here in succession; Held international meeting also too numerous to mention one by one, sign up for height of economy of general assembly of parliament of collaboration of economy of industry conference, Pacific Ocean, East Asia to be able to wait like world bank plenary meeting, world accountant congress, world, your whole world is fixed eyes upon.
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