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Passenger car of 6 high-quality goods joins passenger car of colourful internati
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Now Yangzhou network news: Yesterday, by a definite date 3 days exhibition of China International passenger car fell in Suzhou 2008 next heavy curtain, this the passenger car is exhibited drew country and the district such as medium, beautiful, heart, day many 100 passenger car and manufacturer of passenger car component are joined exhibit, inferior astral car company the battle array with passenger car of 6 high-quality goods, become ginseng exhibit the group with the biggest dimensions.

During the exhibition, inferior astral passenger car rolls out passenger car of 6 new funds, give priority to a problem with green environmental protection and luxurious high-quality goods, and reach level of Europe Ⅲ environmental protection entirely, cause the wide attention of travelling merchant of domestic and international car. Among them, car of 13 meters sightseeing of double deck travel used motor of Europe Ⅳ standard in domestic first time, performance of its green environmental protection is more superior, become exhibit can medium star. According to inferior chief of department of astral car market introduces, this new car is before paragraph time wins the bid in Beijing the car of the first model of the passenger car, produce the trailer coach of 70 similar pattern even next, with will carry Olympic Games honored guest and tourist.

Exhibit besides ginseng extra buses or trains, inferior astral passenger car still attended Jinan invite public bidding of public transportation spot is met, its choose 12 meters of sent city bus to show itself from inside numerous competitor, be seleted Jinan successfully public transportation with the car. In addition, inferior the large award of ” of passenger car of “ high-quality goods that 12 meters of of the star luxurious trailer coach win a winner to do to just be issued.