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Huang Pu enterprise of 50 home appliance forms a delegation the ginseng that go
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Form a delegation play 2008 home appliance fair of countrywide, enlarge a brand consequence

“ Huang Pu will organize collective of enterprise of 50 home appliance inside the town to attend in April the exposition of 17 2008 China home appliance that in Shanghai light to 20 days congress exhibits a center to hold. ” a few days ago, huang Yonglin of secretary of this town Party committee discloses to the reporter, huang Pu serves as platform with home appliance chamber of commerce, the hope goes out through letting an enterprise go, promote an enterprise competition ability, enlarge brand force.

According to introducing, huang Pu shares business of many 800 home appliance, production value exceeds 10 billion yuan. For industry of development good home appliance, help industry increases market share, this town began to hold Fair of home appliance product 2006 at first, 2007 instead age two season, it is surely hold two season every year. “ is in of Huang Pu all exhibiting in the meeting, home appliance exhibits effect very apparent, also be the market does exhibit a the most successful meeting. ” Huang Yonglin still discloses, fair of home appliance product already attracted suitable heart, Nanhai, Dong Feng, south active ginseng postpones the home appliance business of first class ground, preliminary formed a brand to be able to exhibit effect.

Build a stage to do to exhibit and let an enterprise be walked out of besides ego, enter country famous exhibit outside the meeting, this town still organizes a look forward to to take door going abroad, head for middle east area, attend international to shop exhibit meeting. The market of area of “ middle east is big and wide, home appliance enterprise of Huang Pu has actual strength, also confidence develops middle east market. ” Huang Yonglin says.

The reporter learns, exposition of 2008 China home appliance is held together by association of Chinese electric home appliances

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6 ground of Guangdong join the rich that exhibit the home to meet jointly

Report from our correspondent occupies latest news of organizing committee of ” of exposition of “2008 China home appliance, the lion hill of Nanhai area, of Zhongshan city south head, Dong Feng, Huang Pu, suitable heart and Zhan Jiang general form a delegation respectively, play fair of report of the state in this year jointly, exhibit the round gross area that exhibit a house to amount to 1000 much square metre.
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