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International name school is revealed meeting be about to begin person of tradit
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The Shanghai early spring warms suddenly cold still, study abroad the heat wave of the market however already blow on the face and come. The Shanghai library March 7 will be greeted first abroad enter a higher school visited stream of people 2008. This by outside take study abroad sponsor international name school revealed meeting assemble 2008 come from the United States, add, bay, flower, wait law, heart, luck, day, Han, newly popular study abroad tens of place of the country are famous school. As a result of this second exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit a school to have a strong lineup, we are special the relevant controller that study abroad is taken outside was being visited ahead of schedule, ask him to talk for everybody first this second exhibit a few large window of the meeting.

   Window one: School of American top-ranking name grabs an eye to appear

Since 2006, the upsurge that the United States studies abroad begins to warm up. As go to the United States to study abroad visa topological features is full and the RMB appreciates considerably, the enthusiasm leaving the United States of Chinese student presents a state that erupts greatly, the Chinese student that studies abroad in the beauty at present already amounted to 70000. Study abroad demand gives birth to a graduate student from high school, from fellowship arrives without fellowship, incline to at diversity. This many American university attends on invitation exhibit meeting, a few renown officer that bring with alliance of education of American Russia city among them are more conspicuous, include a rank to reside sheet of USNEWS a list of names posted up 38 Kaisaixi store the university, Ohio that resides the 58th establishs the school of name of nearly 10 United States such as the university to appear with the stage, set spot interview for the student and admit on the spot. The student that has intention leaving the United States can pay close attention to pertinent information.

   Window 2: Bay flower wait for traditional project person to enrage as before

Regard level of the education on the world as banner country, australia and England come for years is broad China student studying abroad studies abroad all the time of destination go up anthology, this basically is to result from its quality hard, visa leads tall, diploma successfully advanced advantage. Concerned respect data shows, the several China student that chooses every year to go to Australia and England studying abroad occupies the 35% above of gross of student studying abroad about. Nearly two years as bay flower the government is mixed in immigrant to the student studying abroad the policy of the respect such as obtain employment tilts, of old brand study abroad purpose country is chased after as before hold in both hands. Attend this exhibit of the meeting bay flower university of Liverpudlian university, heart of Xie Fei Er, Gelasige theres is no lack of in the school university of university, Mo Na assorted, on the west bay the school of international grade name such as the university. Partial school offers spot video interview, intended person can head for understanding information, demand a data.
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