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Big Jin Long serves " two meetings " exhibit heroic bearing
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The whole nation two meetings improve the people's livelihood, stimulative economy to develop in people in looking forward to, hold, the world is looking attentively at two meetings of China, also looking attentively at the supplier that serves for two meetings at the same time. In this significant activity, “ Xiamen production ” is wonderful appear, golden dragon passenger car reveals his before common people again brand of particular ” of “ country car is temperamental.

Represent special vehicle as two meetings, these days, a of dragon of Xiamen big gold new-style passenger car is carrying committee member of delegate of countrywide National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, run quickly livelily in Beijing, move back and forth in busy wagon flow. In recent years, almost country is all and major activity, we can see the heroic bearing with ablaze, vast and mighty motorcade of ” of “ Jin Long, this revealed the technology with golden dragon outstanding passenger car and safety performance and high quality brand advantage not only, more big Jin Long made optimal footnote as the abundant actual strength of industry bibcock enterprise. More and more own brands walk out of Xiamen, trend world, the brand of Xiamen and brand enterprise get person attention with each passing day.

Since March 3, ”XMQ6129Y of 14 Long Wei of Jin Long “ that come from Motor Corporation of boreal steam travel passenger car, carry a service to attend the many delegacy such as the Fujian of two meetings, Shandong, Jiangxi to provide whole journey communication, this is placing the new-style passenger train of water of synthetic perspiration of big gold dragon and creativity, accepting representing not only examine, also be in those who accepting competitor of person of the same trade to examine at the same time.

Brand of dragon of gold of two meetings favour

This has been Jin Long passenger car serves two meetings of countrywide the 8th times continuously. 8 years, golden dragon passenger car obtains two meetings to favor, become the earliest a batch of homebred and luxurious passenger trains that serve two meetings. These year come, two meetings are opposite the whole nation all the time deep love of golden dragon brand has add.

The reporter understands, annual two meetings use the throughout the country car, can undertake be filtrationed strictly to the enterprise, wait to quality of performance of brand image, product raise taller requirement, golden dragon passenger car serves the throughout the country again two meetings, the actual strength that showed research and development of golden dragon passenger car adequately is abundant, and the outstanding performance with durable and reliable product and satisfactory after service system.

“ this is two meetings are opposite the whole nation of brand of our gold dragon approbate ” , xiamen gold dragon sells the Gao Lin manager of company Beijing branch to say, the character of passenger car of “ gold dragon is be obvious to all, of golden dragon brand establish supplement each other with character, the position of the trailblazer that Jin Long regards an industry as, person that precede is already beyond question, because such, two meetings use the throughout the country brand of car choice people is high quality passenger car, golden dragon passenger car can serve as first selection of course. ”
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