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Hainan car is exhibited ring down the curtain 4 days 100 thousand person-time lo
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Window of people net Hainan on March 11 dispatch (Wang Yue reports Liang Sha, trainee) :
On March 10 afternoon, exhibition of auto industry of international of the 5th Hainan can exhibit a center to fall in big talk next heavy curtain. Disclose according to the organizing committee, car of 4 days exhibits by a definite date to in all 100 thousand person-time enters the arena look around, clinch a deal the car amounts to 1487, relatively previous term or session has grow considerably.
The organizing committee concerns personage statistic analysis, current ginseng of 180 many brands is exhibited, it is all previous car extends number most, hainan car city is very at present mature, as economic growth, the desire of citizen demand car is stronger and stronger. In addition, current car exhibits the car that roll out to be tasted newly more also, consumption was stimulated on certain level.
According to introducing, exhibition of auto industry of international of the 6th Hainan will be met in big talk March at next year exhibit a center to hold, attend the car brand that be on sale at the appointed time will not little at 180.