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Harbin the 26th room is on sale Lou Panliang nods meeting Changjiang Delta much
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Dispatch of Heilongjiang news network breaths out bureau of residence of city house property to sponsor, the Harbin that the day carries exhibition company undertakes house of the 26th commodity is on sale meeting, the 7th secondhand the room trades congress and exposition of product of industry of 2008 spring residence will be in Harbin on April 5 international can exhibit a sports center to be held ceremoniously. It is reported, at present already ginseng of more than 60 enterprise signing up is exhibited, among them, in join the Changjiang Delta Lou Panzhong that exhibit, the dominant position that reflects severally, will become current exhibit the new window of the meeting.

Price moderate, communication is relatively easy. A lot of Changjiang Delta buildings dish highlight “ sex price to compare ” dominant position, go up like alliance division and city, base sweet Jiang Yuan, establish the Luo Wan that collect the United States, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Jing Chunxiao, Na Jun the value since the project such as garden of hydrology of new city, Hai Fushan is inferior, the traffic condition with convenience together with and all round establishment of more perfect form a complete set, make its have competitive advantage extremely.

Border college, appropriate lives appropriate is hired. According to statistic, haing city each college will have graduate of nearly 40 thousand college again this year, have among them will choose to work in haing city partly greatly very much, economic instability decides they will enter “ to hire times ” , and to be familiar with environmental dependence to make this one crowd prefers to be all round the school “ settles down ” , this makes a few border the Lou Pancheng of the college is appropriate lives the heat that appropriate hires. Be like maple the building such as Lin Shi generation dish have this one advantage, it may be said is appropriate lives appropriate is hired, the typical delegate of appropriate investment.

Inside CBD trade group, appreciate potential is tremendous. Because breath out the economy of city old the city zone to develop relatively, communication is more easy, so a few business encircle the building inside dish the look that drew a lot of person that buy a house. If love to build bank the distribution of item such as the city on river international, honor is all round area of concentration of a few business of haing town, its appreciate latent capacity cannot be underestimated.