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Che Bo can be exhibited into the car " gold-lettered signboard "
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Dispatch will leave peninsula Metropolis Daily formal to begin to still have 10 many days on March 17, the 2nd Che Bo meets 2008 Qingdao to had had bound getting a car pays close attention to. ” of cram of the “ inside short time is exhibited entirely car business dark land is stronger, car vermicelli made from bean starch people the expectation that also lets exhibit conference organizer to experiencing them with enthusiastic incoming telegram.

Controller of conference organizing committee discloses Che Bo, these two days, they often are received refer the telephone call that exhibits a businessman, harmonious exhibit arrange a condition, also hit explore to extend a case with the cloth of agency of class competition model at the same time, although stem from the consideration of fair competition order, organizing committee respect is shown without the one's intention revealed in saying of will pertinent information, but the occurrence of this kind of circumstance, also mirrorred from a flank join the business that exhibit a car to be opposite the attention that exhibits meeting itself and serious manner.

Compare with the businessman's attention, fan of insular city car pays close attention to assuming color to what Che Bo meets. Since last week, the condition of ” of “ hot line that Che Bo can refer a telephone call is in all the time continuously, the specific time of the exhibition, ginseng exhibits a model, businessman privilege, performance content, have everyday quite quantitative citizen makes phone inquiry. Citizen grandson gentleman expresses, che Bo can have dimensions and class this kind already, the car that carries open form again is exhibited, it is the car that average car fan needs most is exhibited, the hope is exhibited this kind can do every time forever. Car fan Mr Zhang suggests to say, can hold what Che Bo meets frequency is increased, arrive twice every year 3 times.

Be located in the arena of downtown, those who open type is close civilian politic, the person that made sure Che Bo is met is angry, also brought the good promotion result that Che Bo meets, this is exhibited meeting, what becoming businessman of insular city car and love car citizen is collective love most.