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Heart congress exhibits interest to blow " green wind "
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Germany serves as can exhibit economic big country, hold the exhibition of of all kinds Gao Shuiping or fair every year. In recent years, heart congress exhibits exert oneself to highlight a characteristic, namely with link up with of zoology, environmental protection, give priority to a problem with green. This month the first ten days of a month, the technology exhibits telecommunication of annual Han Nuowei international and Fair of Berlin international travel is held early or late. Distinguished gathering of these two industries, one is the world's oldest telegraphic technique is exhibited, one is the world's greatest travel is exhibited, theme
It is “ green IT” and “ zoology respectively (green) travel ” .

Hurried of “ green IT” is energy-saving decrease a platoon

Walk into technology of telecommunication of Han Nuowei international to exhibit, the advertisement that “ welcomes to visit ” of green IT village is unusually marked. Be in 9 houses, economy of information of Germany of German IT guild “ , telecommunication and organization of ” of new media association established ” of village of “ green IT to exhibit an area. Should exhibit an area decorate show originality, the two offices plant layout that exhibits at the same time formed bright contrast: One is 2003, include table computer, common indication screen, printer, copycat, scanner and electrograph; One is 2008, only notebook computer is mixed muti_function machine of an organic whole. A side that exhibit an area has two indication hold, the power consumption that shows these two configuration respectively and place require the condition such as charge. The number that shows from screen can see, former in report of the bad news in two days of time of half 17 kilowatt hour, discharge carbon dioxide 10.57 kilograms, annual expense is 209.3 euro about; And latter is in same time Duan Li bad news report 4.5 kilowatt hour, discharge carbon dioxide 2.8 kilograms, require cost every year only 52.9 euro. According to introducing, the person that sponsor wants to tell the person that look around through contrast namely, in routine and life, “ raises ” of energy utilization rate and “ the space of ” of managing the sources of energy has how big.

“ green IT” is a new expression, those who point to is the IT of the level of energy-saving, environmental protection that can reach international or some country to decide and product. Product or technology must have energy-saving, safe, low pollution, low radiation related these standard requirements, be helpful for decompose and reclaiming, accord with human body labour to learn to wait for a variety of conditions. For example, in practice, the equipment manufacturer of a few telegraphic industries has begun a consideration how to wait for telegraphic technology and solar energy environmental protection technology organic union rises, in order to achieve environmental protection goal. Chinese China tells a reporter for the personnel of a technology of the company, the “ green IT” that he understands basically includes 3 fields, namely of the conformity of all sorts of high capacity, equipment and design perfect. 3 person core is “ raises efficiency ” , because improve efficiency while also arrived since nature energy-saving the goal that reduces a platoon.
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