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From Ning Bo hardware is exhibited see an enterprise be opposite of media, chamb
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Accordingly, we these are not big not little metals company hope, the industry organizes the height that the station develops in whole industry, the authority that takes out oneself comes, father to close support, of this support exhibit can main support, ought not to support do not support as far as possible, maintain the interest of industry and member actively.

   The hope shows a company: Make the early days survey that easy to handle exhibits, objective conduct propaganda
Look of all kinds exhibit the network conduct propaganda of the meeting, look up each exhibit the planar advertisement of the meeting, we discover not hard, no matter exhibit meeting size, it is machine-made openly conduct propaganda, the exhibits meeting conduct propaganda to have a lot of different version even advertisement of course of study of person of the same trade of same area photograph. A few medium and small businesses give out such plainting even, the layout personnel that does not know these show a company finds out dominant position of so much area, industry to come from where, also go or fall in the premise that does not know an industry.

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