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4 carry breed make powdery body major exhibit meeting
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By Shandong grain commerce of society, China International promotes check-up of pink of federation, international to measure the “ that with control federation, Qingdao Hai Han can exhibit limited company to be sponsorred jointly industry of body of pink of the 4th international and bulk technology (Qingdao) exhibition, will on March 26 —28 day begins in Qingdao international exhibition center, will exhibit at the appointed time products of a variety of new and high technology and technology of powdery body forward position, include powdery body facility, medicinal powder makings carry, powdery check-up is measured and powdery body material.

Advanced on 3 bases that run successfully, current activity is characteristic with strengthening an enterprise to communicate, will have come from domestic and international famous exhibit ginseng of enterprise of business close a hunderd schools. German A agrees in the center of graph, Japan machine company limited, China small accept of special, Jinan, black mine, Maikelong, 100 special, on Multiquip Inc of pictures of petrifaction of world nation, beautiful Po, Ba Ling, stage, United States. Chemical industry of Ma of heart of company, division, Bo Li, China Can. Calendar year comes, these exhibit business to CIPE can have a special liking, they think consistently, qingdao exhibits meeting assemble the elite of industry technology, it is Chinese north have industry force exhibit meeting. Current exhibit can attract a lot of exhibit business newly to join: Essence of life of American Beckman, Chengdu is new, dye of day of Europe, Hunan, Zhuhai is Euramerican chemical industry of royal seal of division of Yong Taixing of gram, Jinan, Shenzhen.