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Shenzhen a day 3 exhibit reveal can exhibit industry actual strength
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Accompanying the prosperity of Shenzhen industry economy, the meeting of Shenzhen exhibits property in order to exceed career progress of the imagination rises. Since this year, shenzhen can exhibit a center to exhibit meeting the number of showings of a film more and more concentrated, average every 4 days have to exhibit meeting, this also made Shenzhen preliminary have “ to be able to be exhibited the feature of ” . A few days ago, spin clothing fabrics is exhibited, the mobile phone is exhibited, the home is spun exhibit 3 to exhibit same day to be able to exhibit a center to hold in Shenzhen, “ a day of 3 example that exhibit ” are more sufficient confirm what the concentrated peace conference that Shenzhen can postpone exhibits property is powerful.

“ a day in, have 3 large exhibit can hold at the same time inside a city, this explains this city had had the main feature that can exhibit central city. ” joins the development existing state of affairs that exhibits business to evaluate current Shenzhen to be able to exhibit property so.

Shenzhen can exhibit a center analysis of a personage thinks, in last few years Shenzhen city can exhibit economy development is rapid, had formed an influential in international home eminent, actual strength abundant, can the meeting that the system fights exhibits army group, also bred a batch of meetings to extend a person with ability, formed good meeting to exhibit live environment, the meeting with good Shenzhen exhibited an environment to attract a batch to be exhibited newly meeting and ab extra do the person that exhibit. Conversely, can exhibit course of study to drive industrial development again.

The reporter can exhibit a center to understand from Shenzhen, this year first half of the year, shenzhen city already was signed those who make an appointment with exhibit meeting autnumber 33, a few brands that make meticulously are exhibited can growing with breathtaking speed, these exhibit can main concentration to be in 3 to in May, average every 4 days have to exhibit meeting.