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Group type is exhibited can see the life
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See a program, see a room, look car, special house, special report, cable industry “ 5 exhibit ” to enrich citizen “ greatly 51 ” holiday

Morning paper dispatch (Zhang Jingliang of reporter Zhu Youqin) “5 ·1” confuses your holiday head two days, hubei road new gymnasium becomes whole city the first heat. By Xuzhou cable industry is instigated held Xuzhou town planning is fair show exhibit, life of meeting, household exhibits 2008 spring Fang Bo, home appliance life is exhibited, car life is exhibited 5 exhibit greatly can kick off grandly at the same time, the group type with compose etiquette grand model is exhibited meeting, with respect to know exactly about sth 10 thousand citizens have progress first days meeting site, see a program, see a room, look car, special house, special report, hot occasion makes businessman and common people neat call “ too hot ” .

Today is “ 5 postpone ” the last day greatly, punctual 8:30 in the morning begin, wonderful life is exhibited wait for you to look.


5 exhibit greatly can gather together business of about a hundred brand


On May 1 morning 8 when make, the distance is exhibited can kick off to still have half hours, the citizen that new gymnasium awaits to enter the arena before the door has been discharged removed cue, businessman of card of numerous ginseng item on display begins actual strength comparing to go all out outside the exhibition hall: Exhibit an entrance two side station became full extend the building of propagandist book dish, the brand sales promotion such as car, home appliance member, propagandist book compares a massiness, one more elegant than, almost all citizen is in enter before exhibiting a house, the conduct propaganda in the hand book already full. These propagandist an album of paintings provided very perfect information data to the citizen that watchs an exhibition.

According to current 5 exhibit an organizing committee greatly a staff member introduction, xuzhou town planning is fair show exhibit and life of meeting, household extends gain of 2008 spring room, home appliance is exhibited, the car is exhibited 5 extend scope greatly all-time, among them win of 2008 spring house can gather together the building of all high-quality goods that whole town has actual strength 23 times to develop a company most dish, additionally still brand of many 20 car participates in a car to exhibit, all of business of brand of the packaging company with many 30 the most well-known Xuzhou, household is present, brand of many 10 electric equipment also exhibited newest home appliance product. 5 exhibit meeting it may be said to get together greatly neat the businessman of ” of clique of “ actual strength of the estate of Xuzhou, car, household, home appliance, the group type that is actual strength brand is exhibited meeting. Exhibit can give each old brand already offerred reveal an opportunity, also offerred the most bounteous alternative to the citizen, spot person enrages hot nature inevitable.
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