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International machine tool is exhibited enter fast hair exhibition period
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The fair of China International machine tool that sponsors by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool (CIMT) all previous classics 10, had developed make domestic scale the exhibition of tool of professional international machine tool with the biggest, top level, also be industry of tool of world machine tool is established exhibit with European international machine tool (EMO) , American Chicago international makes a technology (machine tool) exhibition (IMTS) , machine tool of Japanese Tokyo international is exhibited (JIMTOF) machine tool of 4 big international exhibits eponymous world one of.
“ CIMT by accepted for the world the 4th big machine tool is exhibited. But in fact, because itself of Japanese machine tool industry is more powerful, increase market of Japanese machine tool relatively lesser, because this JIMTOF basically is,sing leading role by enterprise of Japanese machine tool, the ginseng of enterprise of foreign machine tool exhibits scale inferior. And go up in CIMT, enterprise of foreign machine tool is joined eagerly exhibit, with have equal shares of company of Chinese machine tool, had exceeded JIMTOF on internationalization degree. ” recently, deputy total a secretary in charge of sth grows association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, professor level is high engineer king dawn is accepted the reporter tells when interviewing.
Draw lessons from international to do exhibit experience
King dawn points out, wait for the exhibition with technical higher content to holding a machine tool, because trade organization understands demand of product condition, market and world technology more,go situation, because this is had stronger do extend an advantage. His citing says, EMO is sponsorred by committee of collaboration of European machine tool industry, every other is in French Paris, Germany two years 3 cities of Milan of Hannuowei, Italy are held by turns, undertake respectively by the association of machine tool industry of these countries; IMTS is sponsorred completely by American mechanical Manufacturers Association; CIMT and JIMTOF are similar, it is by the machine tool guild is sponsorred, exhibition center is participated in.
Be aimed at at present machine tool kind the current situation of exhibition, king dawn preach, be in China, the machine tool that holds one year kind exhibit can have 100 many. In so intense market competition, CIMT wants to enlarge dimensions and international force further, must understand an industry to develop a condition, hold industry sequence of thought, contented ginseng extends business and audience requirement, enter benign loop.
For pace of follow closely times, do good CIMT, king dawn tells a reporter, they have every year twice at least with the relevant industry on international constituent controller undertakes communication communicating, study abroad does advancedly exhibit experience. E.g. , EMO, IMTS, JIMTOF differentiates according to category of machine tool product roughly exhibit a house. And although CIMT also undertook differentiating roughly by category of item on display, but proprietor of an enterprise of foreign machine tool wants or with the country the formal ginseng that exhibits a group is exhibited. King dawn admits, the formal ginseng that exhibits a group with the country is exhibited, OK buy must contain a cloth that exhibit a stage full-bodied national characteristic, show the integral level of each national machine tools better. But, expand of dimensions to be opposite with more convenient user ceaselessly as the exhibition the visiting choose and buy of different product, differentiate according to category of item on display exhibiting a house will be a kind of trend. Look around for convenient audience, association general is differentiating by category of item on display henceforth the respect that exhibit a house makes a few new attempts stage by stage.
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