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Household is exhibited lead future way of life
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By what association of Beijing building adornment sponsors the 9th beautification of Beijing lived in exhibition and adornment of building of the 6th environmental protection to decorate material exhibition to will come 9 days to be held in Beijing exhibition on March 6 2008.
This second exhibit meeting general to lead ” of household future lifestyle to be a tenet with “ , decorate culture originality and household organic ground confluence, through postponing meeting introduction normal home installs enterprise, home to install measure of trade policy code, 5 centralized government to wait. Before spring household decorates a height to come, decorate consumer to offer the home to install a design to seek advice to broad household, the project seeks advice, the price seeks advice; Introduce each company characteristic and main activity, popularize the home to install common sense for the consumer that is about to decorate at the same time, when the give advice of good consumer. Exhibit meeting site, will exhibit an enterprise to roll out numerous Gao Shuiping to design personnel and citizen by each ginseng face-to-face undertake domestic bedroom decorates advisory service, negotiate project