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Hold exhibit meeting opportunity to aid a thousand li of decide the issue of the
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Attend exhibit meeting be about to begin, postpone a business to joining for, the job that should have is very much, attending to exhibit can be to seize an opportunity, can not waste absolutely, how to let join so exhibit the problem with achieve best effect to become the most serious.

Before undertaking all sorts of preparation, should the enterprise must make clear have a bit, that is: Exhibit the target that meets you want to achieve certainly. Exhibit association according to Germany (AUMA) analysis, the target that enterprise ginseng exhibits has main goal, product target, price target, conduct propaganda target, sale cause. Accordingly, the sale is ultimate goal, but not be the mainest job on exhibition. The investigation of IFO company also thinks, enterprise ginseng exhibits the goal that should achieve to have conduct propaganda company image, increase a business fame, close of the connection with the client, new product introduce, those who improve a product is famous degree, the purpose such as communication information, and the content that there are 70 % in its target is to know new client.

The primary purpose that enterprise ginseng exhibits is for the sale, revealing is a kind of method only, but the number of order for goods of the autograph when this does not mean enterprise ginseng to exhibit is equal to ginseng exhibit the effect. The purpose that enterprise ginseng exhibits besides reveal new product, promotion the company is well-known outside spending, still (article origin: Wine of an ancient name for China signs up for network of news of trade of · China wine) the optimal way that is understanding vicissitude of the market, the what kind of product on the market is the most welcome, all sorts of trends of your competitor, these will be to exhibit can bring you the worthiest thing, this can let you undertake in time carry out and be adjustmented to the strategy of oneself.

Be about to begin to adopt corresponding ginseng to exhibit measure in the light of this purpose after clear purpose, author of the following measure considers as the basiccest and necessary:

1, detailed knowledge is exhibited meeting

Tool: The tool that postpones the need in the meeting is very much, exhibit can sponsor what just can offer what to have, him need prepares have how many thing. This is meticulous wait to water and electricity of bench of desk and chair, not detailed understanding is clear, in exhibit search again when the meeting allocate too brash rather.

Activity: Exhibit can sponsor square general metropolis to hold a lot of kinds of activities to cooperate to exhibit can build situation, these activities include lecture of a few matches, technology to wait a moment, if the enterprise can participate in these activities, will get a lot of information and conduct propaganda.

Exhibit meeting advertisement: Exhibit the proceedings of a conferences of the meeting and advertisement of room outfield ground, achieve favorable propagandist result to exhibiting meeting and the business that postpone the ground to be familiar with to be met.
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