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2008 industry gain can jump new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward posit
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The meeting that 2008 is Suzhou exhibits year, suzhou greeted numerous home, international to be exhibited greatly not only, native land exhibition also jumped new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position.
It is reported, by Suzhou city people the government is sponsorred, Suzhou country China exposition and international machine tool reach the industry of international of the 5th 2008 Suzhou that exhibition limited company undertakes industry pattern exhibition, international is rubber-plastic exhibition of industry of die-casting of industrial exhibition, international (“ of the following abbreviation 2008, will read extensively in Suzhou international at will coming 13 days on March 11 the center is held.
2008, be in charge of in Suzhou municipal government and area of Suzhou industry garden appoint below the care of the meeting and support, depend on the successful experience that holds a machine tool to exhibit for years, national China exhibition will give on one seat for Suzhou and industry the 2008 industry gain that gluttonous regale —— jumps new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position is met.
The ginseng outside the condition exhibits business to occupy 40 %
According to reporter understanding, watch about fulfilling scientific progress in the round in Suzhou municipal government, hold to new-style industrialized road, increase content of science and technology, move actor industry structure, stimulative industry structure is optimized upgrade, implementation takes the lead in below the guidance of guiding ideology of development, scientific progress, harmonious development; Take the lead in about holding to in area of Suzhou industry garden transition, accelerate transition, increase manufacturing industry to upgrade continuously, below the expands strength demand that science and technology innovates, conference organizing committee adjusts 2008 industry gain do exhibit train of thought, science is engineered, increase the flutter, strength that enrol business further, still realize working detail decides to handle the on any account that exhibits a level at the same time, also affect extend the integral form of the meeting. In view of this, departmental door with the manner with serious and responsible, perfect do one's best, strengthen join, make concerted effort, had arranged every detail meticulously, ensure it is good to can manage industry gain can manage industry gain.
Up to now, ginseng signing up postpones more than 600 business that comes from 15 countries such as Germany, Switzerland, England, United States, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Czech, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Japan and area, exhibition area amounts to 20 thousand square metre, for all previous most, among them the ginseng of 40 % exhibits business to come from outside the condition, include to come from Euramerican Ha Si, Ajixiamier, dust mark, on the dark essence machine of Japan and Korea, Mu Ye, Gong Ye, ferry, 3 water chestnut, case inferior, fight hill to wait. What be worth to be carried particularly is, current project gain still can be attracted include east stage, Cheng Tai, the enterprise of Taiwan of nearly 50 China such as complete, big gold enters acting, Chao Qun, increase exhibit.
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