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Comfortable Feng Ao carries 2008 window confused shows chance CCBN
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Exhibition of network of information of broadcasting television of the 16th China International (CCBN 2008) will be in center of exhibition of Beijing China International to hold at will coming 23 days on March 21.
Digital TV, high-definition TV serves as current the way that wide cable industry develops, it is the theme with changeless CCBN. CCBN2008 will take this one subject, effective be in harmony collects the broadcasting television inside global limits center and transmit cover network field digitlization, network, high-definition change, the newest innovation achievement of industrialization, promote the development of technology of digital new media, high-definition technology.
The digital TV that regards the equipment of technology of broadcast movie and TV with Asia-Pacific area the largest scale as first place of rank of exhibition, world and broadband network exhibition, CCBN2008 attracted nearly 1000 ginseng that come from 30 many countries and area to exhibit enterprise and orgnaization, enclothe China International to exhibit a center 13 exhibit a house, exhibition area is amounted to 6. 50 thousand square metre.
The Olympic Games exhibits an area to bring brand-new experience
Drive Beijing Olympic Games the window that high-definition hookup is CCBN2008. This second exhibit meeting, the Olympic Games exhibits an area with “ our Olympic Games ” gives priority to 2008 —— problem, exhibit an area to be sponsorred jointly by CCTV and CCBN organizing committee, with all-around reveal 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the hookup means of this one grand occasion and experience are high-definition TV is a purpose, arrive from fixed big screen mobile terminal, all-around all sorts of pattern that show TV facility to exist possibly in Olympic Games hookup, announce in the round how is digital science and technology applied at Olympic Games hookup, let an audience experience an Olympic Games, experience an Olympic Games, understand the relevant mystery with high-definition Olympic Games adequately.
In addition, CCBN2008 will establish high-definition programming to demonstrate to groom first area, serve as its exhibit meeting theme to exhibit one of areas, the demonstrating that the later period before main content includes high-definition section to look makes relevant equipment and software and groom. Demonstrate to groom the area is groomed by bureau of TV of CCBN organizing committee and national broadcast film the center is sponsorred jointly, the technical delegate ginseng that the organizing committee will ask to organize relevant TV station and programming company according to joining the technology that exhibits a manufacturer to groom is met.
Thematic seminar leads an industry development
Extend meeting the corresponding period, CCBN2008 theme seminar will be held in Beijing exhibition theater. This seminar by industry praise be is the platform that total bureau of TV of national broadcast film promulgates trade policy policy and development strategy, it is the optimal opportunity that transnational corporation and Chinese enterprise release forward position technology and year development to plan, also be entire industry appreciates world broadcast movie and TV newest evolutional grand meeting. CCBN organizing committee will exhibit theatrical auditorium to create 2700 person in north advocate assembly room and the 400 person cent to 500 person assembly room, do one's best builds brand-new image on CCBN brand construction, the news that creates a Gao Shuiping for the industry releases platform.
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