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Ning Bo did 2007 exhibit more than 100
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On January 15, the reporter can exhibit forum of economic international collaboration to learn in the 4th China, city of peaceful 2007 wave holds the conference to show an activity in all 206, grow 39 % compared to the same period, among them, hold of all kinds exhibit meet 103, grow 28 compared to the same period. 7 % , exhibition gross area amounts to 1.02 million square metre, grow 27 compared to the same period. 5 % . Exhibit amount and the promotion that exhibit dimensions and quality, make “ of the ala austral long triangle can be exhibited for Ning Bo ” laid solid foundation.
Ning Bo can be exhibited do relevant controller say when accepting a reporter to interview, peaceful wave city can exhibit course of study appear gross expands, the structure is optimized, character rises, multivariate the favorable situation of development. Disappear rich is met, take make gain of meeting, home meeting, live meeting, machinery extends gain, meeting, Electromechanical exhibits be in harmony of the meeting that feed rich, brigade wait for a batch original exhibit meeting dimensions to continue to expand. Divide this beyond, ning Bo still is introduced mainly held Chinese stock raising and feed industry to exhibit, the oversize major such as communication of information of Chinese plant protection and pesticide instrument Fair is exhibited meeting, make of all kinds meeting exhibits an activity drive effect to increase apparently. According to statistic, at present peaceful wave city holds a standard to exhibit of 1000 above exhibit meet 21, grow 31 % compared to the same period.
It is reported, besides classics trade kind besides the growth that shows amount and scale, peaceful wave section celebrates activity and  of conference  forum to also appear the posture of synchronous and rapid development. Whole 2007 town is held in all literate the section of connotation and industrial characteristic celebrates an activity 48, grow 20 % compared to the same period. Week of science and technology of clothing division, talent, section opening fishing, swim the section such as clue of section, Liang Zhuai celebrates mobile influence to expand ceaselessly. In the meantime, annual holds  of influential conference  forum in all 47, grow 80 % compared to the same period, the key introduces the heart in was being held to be able to exhibit city of collaboration and development forum, China to be able to extend gain of world of collaboration and development forum, 2010 Shanghai the forum of a batch of professional conferences such as forum of development of meeting and long triangle collaboration.