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Furniture exhibits Dongguan name 10 years development spans
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Xinhua net Guangzhou on March 17 report(Wang Hui) yesterday, furniture exhibits name of the 19th international (Dongguan) exhibition presses down Guangdong contemporary international to exhibit a center to open in Dongguan large market. This also is international name the 10th year when furniture exhibits a success to hold,

As we have learned, current exhibit can share many 800 ginseng to postpone a business, exhibition area amounts to 240 thousand square metre, centered chinese mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong two sides 3 ground more than 800 preeminent companies, and the furniture manufacturer of 10 countries such as Italy, Germany comes round to join exhibit, attracted the whole world 100 thousand professional audiences come round to look around, communicate and purchase. Exhibit this still can exhibit mechanical material conformity to exhibit a house to the theme, the industrial catenary that lets a furniture exhibit thereby joins more cheek by jowl.

  Success and Singapore exhibit “ allied ”

The furniture that occupy a name postpones organizing committee introduction, furniture exhibits the name to compare the largest window with photograph of in former years this year is as allied as the “ that Singapore furniture exhibits ” . As we have learned, singapore international furniture is exhibited be apart from the history that already had 28 years today, it is international knows a person of academic or artistic distinction to provide one of exhibitions, annual one is to be aimed at exit technically Euramerican market and South Asia are a lot of the important exhibition of national market. According to statistic, 2006, chinese manufacturer attends this exhibition to add up to 12000 smooth rice, it is Chinese furniture manufacturer the home attends abroad furniture to exhibit the most large-scale form a delegation.

To make two exhibit greatly meeting can better join, bilateral course talks things over for many times, the decision is being held severally clever adjustment is done on time. It is reported, singapore furniture exhibits showpiece time by previously will come to will be adjusted on March 6 on March 3 will come on March 9 on March 12; And of large market exhibit meeting criterion by previously will shift to an earlier date one day to arrive 16 days on March 17.

Dongguan a person of academic or artistic distinction provides those who exhibit an organizing committee to concern chief introduction, furniture is exhibited can become from a regional exhibition development internationally professional exhibition, be various government on one hand support energetically, use market method namely on the other hand, well integrated domestic furniture company and exhibit natural resources of meeting, society domestic and internationally. Exhibit this with Singapore furniture pull a hand, crucial jumping-off place or farther integrated international exhibit the resource of the meeting with the type, bind sale, win-win of in an attempt to.
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