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Chang Yan " adornment of 2008 Chengdu household the first exhibit "
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This on the weekend, “2008 Chengdu lives in adornment the first exhibit ” to will be performed ceremoniously. Lending this partner wind, when household tradition peak period is coming the home assembles a group each brand businessman also is sure exert all over the enterprise elegant demeanour that skill shows him. Pass this grand meeting, the industry dominant position that brand home holds inevitable the heart of more thorough consumer, drive the development of an industry thereby, exciting Chengdu lives in culture to change quickly, the standard that implements an outfit industry thereby and promotional owner understand to what brand home installs.

Easy day fills Li Hui of Chengdu branch general manager east:

Experience to consumer overflow wish mobile consummation

Evening paper " the Chengdu that occupy the home " “2008 Chengdu lives in adornment the first exhibit ” activity first-rate, should do more. Such vivid kinetic energy brings consumer overflow experience, can bring to consumer really go to the lavatory and substantial, also offerred to follow to the enterprise decorate owner close quarters to contact, the spot is man-to-man all-around service opportunity. “ newest service concept, the most fashionable design brings our owner, it is our original intention. The home that allows us is more beautiful and sweet, every detail that lets us work is done weller, wish this activity consummation. ”

New space decorates Li Peng:

Grand meeting having sth new breaks traditional pattern

“2008 Chengdu household decorates the first grand meeting that exhibiting ” is having sth new. Realized the early days warm up that brand home installs not only through a kind of such forms, also show a high-end brand the extensive great imposing manner of powerful powerful combination. And use interactive this kind of form, can change people not only the traditional pattern that the visual swash such as pure support advertisement will come to guide consumption, also can arouse the consumer attention to company culture, arrange consumption reasonably thereby, him implementation the dream to the home.

Ark of heart shellfish hutch acting Wei of vise general manager:

Service consumer gives aid to businessman with one action is gotten more

Evening paper " the Chengdu that occupy the home " hold such activity, went to the lavatory already consumer, made to brand businessman again reveal platform admirably, make brand enterprise OK provide the closest service to consumer, it is the good work with much with one action really. The product should upgrade 2008 replacement, our service more want diversification. Hope our user can bring more building to us make peace is approbated.

Guangdong star art Cheng Bi of general manager of adornment southwest large division:

Enterprise of implementation of straight face consumer and consumer double win

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