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Exposition of dress of China International dress exhibits for new nation head ex
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(Reporter Liu builds Hong Yuanfeng) arrange bureau of justice region business affairs to announce external yesterday, be located in Beijing by the way the China International of side shows central new house on the west (the following abbreviation is suitable justice new nation is exhibited) will this month 28 days enable formally, exposition of dress of China International dress will make by a definite date suitable justice new nation exhibits head exhibit. Current, new nation exhibits circumjacent traffic, meal, shopping substandard to surround a service to guarantee the job basic be in order.

Predict head exhibit the person that look around 100 thousand person

Arrange Jin Taixi of deputy director general of bureau of justice region business affairs to introduce, on fair of 28 days of dress of China International dress that hold by a definite date 4 days, will 1000 domestic and international ginseng exhibit business ginseng. Relevant section is forecasted, exhibit during the meeting, can 100 thousand audience shows up look around.

Suitable justice new nation is exhibited be located in Beijing by the way near Ma Lian inn, distance urban district is opposite further, so ginseng exhibit business and of the person that look around feed, constellation became first issue. For this, jin Taixi expresses, be in an exhibition period, predicting room demand is 4000 people about. Current, suitable justice new nation exhibits periphery key meal business is shared inside 5 kilometers 69, recieve ability to be 22 thousand person; And periphery has meal establishment add up to to be able to welcome 43 thousand person in 15 kilometers. In accommodation respect, suitable justice new nation exhibits hotel of above of level of grade of circumjacent and mutual SamSung 19, accommodation recieves ability to be 6700 people, can satisfy a ginseng between exhibition period basically to extend the consumptive requirement of business and audience.

International car is exhibited predict to jockey 3800

Exhibit in this after been meet, exhibition of car of international of next month Beijing also will be exhibited from Laoguo move master hereat.

Suitable justice the day Zhu estate that new nation exhibits one of partner develops Wang Kui of company general manager to introduce, exhibit photograph comparing with Laoguo, new nation is exhibited have enougher car, the parking lot of two side predicts exhibition hall thing can park 1800 cars, and the parking lot that builds in abundant abundant road predicts 2000 to be able to jockey.

About personnel introduction, new henceforth nation extends main transport power is not illicit home car or bus, however orbit traffic. Nevertheless, still cannot come true before holding a car to exhibit. In addition, beijing by the way the “ horse with original bus of 9 words head stands even inn ” , exhibit in this before the meeting will incognito for “ new nation exhibits ” station, henceforth also continue to use this stands anew renown.
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