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Center of Chinese building culture holds large exhibition Wang Kai all the year
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China builds culture center to hold large exhibition China to build culture center all the year round is institution of scientific research of construction ministry directly under. Made up in classics 1997 do approval to hold water. Center of Chinese building culture from beginning to end in order to promote, culture of transmission China building is oneself, it is a target with serving to build an industry wholeheartedly, pursue sincere letter from beginning to end society, wide the principle that make friend, solid had done each thing, make a brand meticulously. Through pushing in-house reform, improve oneself quality, integrated society natural resources, development business space, in very short time, came true to be transformed by what do poineering work to develop. So far, center of Chinese building culture had formed forum of international communication, conference, industry to groom, the technology seeks advice, the exhibition is revealed, the model is made, books of urban sculpture management, building is read with show the ability that waits for much azimuth to transmit building culture, service to build an industry.

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