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Chen Shan Botanical Garden will be built in Songjiang Asia largest exhibition
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Chen Shan Botanical Garden covers an area of over 20,000 square meters of exhibition greenhouse is stepping up its construction. Three lightweight transparent glass greenhouse, shape somewhat similar to the just concluded World Expo "Purple silkworms" Japan Pavilion, attracted the attention of many tourists. Staff, greenhouse plans completed by the end of this year, opening early next year, will become Asia's largest exhibition greenhouse. Recently, Shell and Spatial Structure of the International Society of John Abbe rate of more than 400 world-renowned architectural, structural experts, the construction of a special trip to visit the Chen Shan Botanical Garden greenhouse, excitedly said: "The irregular shape of Chen Shan Botanical Garden greenhouse construction rather difficult, can be described as the world's most difficult construction, the most creative of the greenhouse. " According to reports, Chen Shan Botanical Garden greenhouse buildings as the "green ring" on the main building, consists of three isoforms of the greenhouse structure, aluminum alloy shell composition, the use of bionics and shape of the body natural, smooth, and its crystal clear and thorough behind the building with lush green mountain cross echoed Chen, a new landscape of the park. Like a fish-like shape of the park greenhouse, is Asia's largest aluminum lattice shell structure of buildings. Pavilion is divided into ecological gardens, desert and tropical rain forests to the three exhibition halls. According to the staff, the three major greenhouse on display eight different plant exhibition, the use of ground source heat pumps and other renewable energy sources, using separate partitions intelligent environmental control system, the internal formation of 8 climate types. Currently, the three major greenhouse beginning to take shape from around the world have been planted more than 4,000 species of plants, not only mango, longan, litchi and other common plants, and most of palm leaves in the palm and other exotic plants.