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Is what can you exhibit painful, can you give " coal " what does Shanxi bring?
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Meet those who exhibit course of study to have ” of “ smokeless industry say it brings 牞 us, it is merely anything but exhibit rent

By when Bo Ao poor fish village turns into conference center, become rich it is this one hamlet not only

If international meeting opens in a city, be just like a plane is in city in the sky spread money

Shanxi person digs coal to sell coal, leave pollution, order goods coal big money of the meeting sends however provincial

Can exhibit, it is to point to the abbreviation of the collective sex activity such as the conference, exhibition, large activity. Its concept connotation is to show it is certain to be in district space, numerous person gathers together to form, fixed or nonsked, system or the activity of deliver and exchange information society of of a mass character that are not a system, the exposition that the extension of its concept includes all sorts of types, exhibition is on sale activity of activity, athletics of athletics of large conference, sports, culture, section celebrates an activity to wait. Can exhibit the appendage that is industrial production originally. 17 centuries, the city waits in London, Frankfurt, Paris, development of trade country fair becomes more large-scale international exhibition or exposition. Held world fair first in London 1851, indicate country fair of move old trade transfers to international exhibition of the standard and exposition. Lai compared stannum 1895 exposition of sample of the first international, satisfied the need that means of capitalist at that time production and market trade. 19 centuries end comes before the the First World War, exhibition and exposition become a developed country to contend for the place of world market, anabiosis for world economy infuse is exuberant opportunity of survival. The Second World War ends before long, a batch of exhibition because of warlike close down and exposition are heavy shine opportunity of survival, for example Lai of ” of world-renowned “ Milan exposition, “ compares ” of exposition of Paris of stannic exposition ” , “ , the 3 big bridge of commerce of join each country are known as after.

If “ opens international meeting in a city, be just like a plane is in city in the sky spread money, magnate of estate of exhibition of a world comments ” so the importance that can exhibit economy

As the advent of industrialized society after the propulsion of globalization tide is mixed, can exhibit economy to begin to appear on international trade arena with independent appearance. International exposition is allied (a report of UFI) thinks, the requirement that can extend course of study to be able to develop in a city is: Infrastructure is in the world relative to complete, per capita line of business of medium above, service surpasses manufacturing industry in the proportion in GDP and over- half, the proportion that foreign trade amount holds GDP is close to or exceed 100% , the strength of guild is relative stronger.
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