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Hong Kong plans to push 3 measure to promote travel to be able to postpone estat
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People net Hong Kong on Feburary 27 report (reporter Wu Shaomin) Ceng Junhua of director of department of Hong Kong finance expresses, the proposal adopts 3 measure to promote travel to be able to postpone estate development.

It is the direction that points out to cooperate administration report place, should be dedicated to strengthening Hong Kong to be able to be exhibited and travel as international appeal, can strive for conference of more and large international and exhibition to be held in Hong Kong. Can increase strength overseas to publicize Hong Kong, the conference that strives for more Gao Zhisu and exhibition come harbor is held, in order to develop fare of business affairs of high rise in value group. The government is additional already obligate 100 million 5, 0 yuan, these activities are pursued 5 years in future.

2 it is to suggest to avoid collect hotel chummage tax. This measure can promote the development of tourism further, enhance the competition ability of industry of Hong Kong hotel, at the same time Yi Ke saves the administrative cost of hotel and guesthouse. Measure is editing the become effective after law exemple is passed, and the government can close less every year 400 million 7, 0 yuan.

3 it is to want what exhibit and travel to consolidate Hong Kong regards international as the conference, hong Kong must have enough hotel form a complete set. To let hotel of market build more, hong Kong can be in 2008 to 09 year tick off the earth's surface to introduce “ to be restricted of hotel ” with the ground, and the land that offers 10 to be able to develop different type hotel.