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Zhang Guowei fundses raised by oneself do an exhibition
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“ lets more children know the history in the past, value today's happy life, create happiness hard tomorrow. ”2 month 25 days, square of heart of street of assist emperor county, farmer Zhang Guowei fundses raised by oneself do a “ 3 days to exhibit ” to exhibit, before this attracted many adult children, will stop watch.

Before a piece of Zhang Zhan board that the author will come to to Zhang Guowei be made with one's own hands, had surrounded here full many pupil, zhang Guowei is explaining patiently to exhibit to them board the content that go up. Exhibit board gross 15 pieces, every pieces grow 2 meters, 1 meter or so wide. Zhang Guowei says, this exhibition was March 2004 the portion begins to plan, arrange data through a large number of collect, reoccupy computer composing is synthesized. Last a period of time between 3 years of a long time.

Exhibit board content cent is 3 parts, “ does not forget ” part basically introduced a party to lead every nationality people to resist yesterday the saga that foreign enemy aggression and countryside of Yang Ze of assist emperor county fight day of young man and woman; “ is cherished ” part introduced a party to lead people to go today become rich road, have in caption in recent years the plan of each benefit civil administration of the party, celebrity of culture of country of this world lustre and new fashion; “ looks into the typical example of the cherished desire that ” part will reflect broad farmer to go with the party stoutly tomorrow and advanced village. Exhibit board graph Wen Bingmao, lively.

Zhang Guowei this year 64 years old, the Zhao Yuren austral countryside of this world lustre. He says, in recent years of the plan of each benefit civil administration of the party carry out let common people savor benefit, the time passing one day is better than a day. Below nice in this kind topological features, the history that is necessary to make children cognitive go, value today's happy life, let them establish ambitious ideal, create happiness hard tomorrow.

The exhibition will be in county culture center on October 1 from last year square exhibits formally, can attract many people to come round to watch everyday. ” Zhang Guowei says, although weather is bad at that time, but the interest of the person that look around is very high, most when one day can reach about a hundred audience, a lot of person in succession came many times. Subsequently, the exhibition moved Na Pingwang elementary school, everyday after school has many pupil to come over to watch, the teacher of a few class still lets students go back kept the sense after view. “ holds such exhibition very significant, the historical knowledge that many child opposite go now is very little, be necessary to introduce to them. Village of ” north street is visitting Ms. Liu of the exhibition to say.
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