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Who will be in charge of can exhibit property malign competition
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Lin Hui points out, repeat do exhibit grow in intensity, city of some one ground or city of photograph adjacent ground are same exhibit duplicately in year can amount to 8 actually. She suggests, want a standard of provincial and same industry duplicate exhibit meeting, make joint-stock source, hit ” of “ Guangdong card, in wide hand in hand in meeting, greatly a few are bred more again outside the meeting the name is exhibited, breed for instance 10 exhibit greatly meeting.
Lin Hui thinks, the mainest reason that creates above situation or exhibition industry competition do not have foreword, “ good and evil people mixed up, whole society can do exhibit, also did not plan as a whole without the doorsill ” , malign competition is brought about internecine, harmed “ Guangdong to be able to exhibit ” of course of study even this gold-lettered signboard.
“ begins formulate on horse of my proposal Guangdong " Guangdong province shows course of study regulation " , she says ” , the legal laws and regulations that our country still does not have a standard up to now and ” of canal of administrative regulations “ this kind of phenomenon. She says, a law can let an industry come true to be commercialized in order truly from legal dissolve hand at least.

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