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China exhibited meeting satisfaction to spend 2007 drop
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Ginseng exhibit business to be opposite the overall satisfaction of Chinese exhibition was spent 2007 drop somewhat, increase to joining the inaccuracy that exhibits the effect to anticipate surely, the continuity after bringing about pair of ginseng to exhibit thereby is joined exhibit intent to drop considerably. Chinese trade hurried can release 15 days " China can exhibit economy to develop a report 2007 " ring the alarm bell that can extend a service noisy.
As we have learned, this report was 2007 task group was mixed 2005 on the research foundation 2006, continue to be opposite Jing Husui provides representative meeting 3 times to extend market monitoring gain most. This investigation chose 30 exhibition mainly, exhibited business and 439 professional audiences to undertake questionnaire is investigated to 895 ginseng, join in order to make an on-the-spot investigation exhibit business and audience to be mirrorred to what 3 ground showed the market 2007.
The report thinks, although from overall look, ginseng exhibit business to spend an evaluation to the satisfaction of this year exhibition passable, but compare with the findings photograph 2006, overall satisfaction is spent reduce somewhat. Global ginseng exhibits business to think to the overall assessment of exhibition “ first-rate ” and “ compare good ” aggregate proportion to occupy 53 % , and this one proportion was 56 % 2006. The business after joining the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit anticipates and continue to enter the intent field that exhibit, 2007 appeared of different level reduce. The ginseng after entering exhibition 2006 exhibits business to state business is sure the proportion that can increase is 46 % clearly, and this one proportion dropped 2007 for 32 % .
The report still says, after joining the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit 2006, make clear state below one continues to join exhibit scale to be 47 % , and this one proportion dropped 2007 for 36 % . And the answer that more ginseng exhibited an enterprise to make “ inaccuracy decide ” . The report points out, although join exhibit business to choose the element such as difference possibly to the anticipation of business to cause survey result and market with macroscopical economic situation, example actual state is put in certain difference, but whether does overall impression ” , “ continue to join from “ after exhibiting exhibition intent ” , “ to enter exhibition anticipate ” in light of the comprehensive survey result of 3 core index, join those who exhibit business to be spent to overall 2007 satisfaction to drop, need causes industry vigilance.
The report still points out, global 2007 ginseng exhibits business to organize the work to exhibition whole the opinion is higher, but buy the home to invite to major, exhibit a stage to build and spot management and service evaluation of 3 core job is inferior, especially abroad ginseng exhibits business to give small fraction to this dozen. The proportion that thinks major buys the home to invite working “ first-rate ” and “ to compare good ” is 42 % only, the informant that has 13 % states “ is not constant error ” and “ to differ ” quite clearly.
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