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2008 Nanning can exhibit course of study what to expect
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China - east the successive success of alliance exposition, let wide Xicong divide have the aid of this one good luck, in the butt joint east fine hand gives repeatedly in alliance: Attract east allied country home establishs consulate in Nanning, build China - east area of economy of bay of north of extensive of area of business affairs of allied country border, program. A series of act let Guangxi be increased in macroscopical level not only with east the strength that collaboration of allied country home communicates, and the headway that also gained satisfaction letting a person on microcosmic level: Guangxi is accelerating the north of Guangxi of commercial bank —— that establishs a regional, internationalization, share-holding system bay bank, the harbor Wu company that passes the city of integrated the North sea, admire, harbor that prevent a city established group of Wu of harbor of upper bay international, for Guangxi promotion industry structure laid solid foundation. And China - east the positive effect that alliance exposition brings for Guangxi is far however did not end, below the condition that runs successfully continuously in exposition, the relevant industry of Guangxi also presents a state that develops quickly continuously, the meeting that exposition affects directly exhibits property performance is likewise such.
Cross between at that time when 2008, president of center of exhibition of Nanning international conference is permeated with the happy event that does not depress to enrage on Lan Tiemin face: Abb of the 2nd cashmere and exposition of winter brand dress, estate of  of Nanning of first Guangxi  traded 2008 reveal of the meeting hold exhibited a center to opened good head 2008 to meet. Face a lot of happy event 2008: Have the Beijing Olympic Games that millions of people fixes eyes upon and our country reforming and opening 30 years already, also the municipality establishs the 5th 50 anniversary, China - east folk song of international of the 10th alliance exposition, Nanning is artistic the festal celebration with the commemorable series such as the section, more the meeting of Nanning exhibited course of study to bring taller challenge, return Rangnaninghui to exhibit course of study to welcome the opportunity of the breakthrough at the same time.
Innovation transition seeks a breakthrough
The brand —— China that can exhibit property as Nanning - east what alliance exposition promoted Guangxi not only is famous degree, also let exposition sponsor international exhibition center of ground —— Nanning to be benefited from which quite much. Lan Tiemin expresses, since Nanning international exhibition center began to do business in October 2003 oneself, china of have the aid of - east the brand advantage of alliance exposition, got rapid development. 13 million yuan when can exhibit central business income to increase to 2007 by 6.5 million yuan of 2004, broke up 3 years one time, and 2008 beginning, nanning international exhibition center had signed 28 exhibitions agreement, annual hopeful is compared went up again 2007 a step.
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