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China can exhibit course of study to wait for decay more can exhibit resource to
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Another yields the example of take delight in talking about of sale trade public figure, it is exposition of small commodities of justice black international. Go up century 90 time, the impression that justice black leaves to the person or button of a production and lacy Changjiang Delta small town. 1995, exposition of small commodities of Chinese justice black establishs, began 2002 national Department of Commerce is participated in for promote sponsor exhibit internationally meeting. As a result of large exhibit internationally of the meeting hold, “ small commodities is marine, the catchword development popular feeling of shopper heaven ” , compatriots begins to look justice black up and down with brand-new eye.

Numerous city is used can exhibit the successful precedent that makes urban brand, let other urban itch to try. The basis can exhibit the statistic of economic seminar, 2006, china is held in all exhibit can make an appointment with 4000, annual increase rate is in 5% the left and right sides, from this computative, can achieve 4200 at least 2007.

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