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Nanhai whether exhibit from industry of profile doing aluminium meeting?
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Enterprise of aluminous profile of big drop share hopes to pass aluminium of big drop of Nanhai of “ of this action start shooting material ” brand

From 18 days till yesterday, ” of aluminous material of “ Nanhai big drop is moving again the heart of numerous travelling merchant.
Exposition of new product of annual meeting of trade of wall of act of window of aluminous door of 2008 whole nations and wall of act of aluminous door window is held in Guangzhou, enterprise of 31 aluminous profile holds Nanhai in the arms the group attends, the label of ” of aluminous material of “ Nanhai big drop attracted traveling trader, no matter be to take a client to answer big drop to see a company, or it is to show company image and actual strength, this exhibited an enterprise to bring profitable opportunity to join. In the meantime, rushing about back and forth go up at the car of Nanhai and Guangzhou, the tentative idea of “ bold ” appeared in head of some aluminous profile firm: Can aluminous profile industry do to exhibit in Nanhai meet?

Flow even “ ” of one river two sides

Relatively at this many 300 enterprise attends, the exposition that always exhibits an area to exceed 20000 square metre, nanhai 31 companies are only of 1500 square metre exhibit, really a bit ordinary. But if walk along Nanhai enterprise to exhibit an area, the feeling can differ. The company is distributed along a footpath, as “ ” of one river two sides; And of every enterprise exhibit on pensile move imprints the lamp case that has “A” form pattern, with respect to the neon lamp as edge of “ river ” . Design of this “A” form, it is association of Nanhai area aluminous profile the VI that for “ Nanhai brand of this one area designs ” of big drop aluminous material marks.

Box of this little light gives “ the person a kind of unified feeling and integral feeling, very special. In the purchases Mr Shangliang to exhibit an area in Nanhai footpath that ” comes from Zhejiang slow pace, of every enterprise exhibit should go in turn. The travelling merchant this year compares “ a lot of more last year, work in the same placing recieved one the world to come, say very tired. The Chou Zhiyi of aluminous factory of ” Hua Chang says.

This is aluminium of “ Nanhai big drop material ” carries its VI vision the 2nd times to identify a system to appear exhibit meeting, attracted numerous travelling merchant to be in one river of “ cross-strait ” enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. Chief thinks related association of Nanhai area aluminous profile, exhibit through holding round ginseng in the arms, appear with unified label, ” of aluminous material of this big to “ Nanhai drop brand of this one area, it is very good promotion.

Start shooting of “ area brand, those who be helpful for promoting a business is famous spend and market competition ability. ” is silver-colored the He Yangming of 100 companies thinks so. And the bag manager of phoenix aluminium company has more clear experience to this. “ often has him client Muming comes to big drop, run come to sign sheet. ” wraps a manager to say.
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