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See the development of hardware move toward
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In countrywide each district, of a few promising young people do extend pattern also with always health Chinese hardware exposition is similar, the hardware industry that all relies on an area and do a hardware to exhibit. Ning Bo with respect to industry of home appliance of hardware of have the aid of, hold hardware every year twice to exhibit. On service class, many domestic hardware exhibit meeting comparing always exposition of health China hardware is tall.
Look from area angle: Two hardware are exhibited meeting whether mutual conformity
Still having a problem is, our city limits appeared two hardware exhibit meeting: Justice black exposition of hardware of China of He Yongkang of exposition of electric equipment of China International hardware.
2004, justice black relies on churchyard the advantage of company of production of electric equipment of many 5000 hardware and international trade city, ran fair of first hardware electric equipment. Always health put forward with respect to somebody at 4 o'clock view: It is justice black is held extending the hardware of the meeting and experience advantage is always Kang Wangchen not reachs; The 2 extroversion that are justice black economy advantage is always health cannot compare; 3 be always the metals company that health city joins exposition of electric equipment of justice black hardware will grow in quantity of year after year; 4 it is to be in cannot attend twice one year hold the ground close of very close, content exhibits the circumstance of the meeting to fall, travelling merchant of foreign trader, other place may choose justice black morely.

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