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How should various enterprise choose items of
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But exhibit meeting grow in quantity as all sorts of home appliance, more and more home appliance manufacturer also begin what rational choice can attend to exhibit meeting, so more that consider investment to yield than. Nearly two years, a few by governmental dominant exhibit locally can present a gliding potential with each passing day, main influencing factor is these exhibit the enterprise ginseng of the meeting to exhibit an amount not tall.

The reporter is being interviewed in, public figure of industry of a few home appliance says frankly, home appliance is exhibited now too much, exhibit membership due often to force a company with defray must careful calculation and strict budgeting, choose give what can bring rich and generous redound to exhibit just can attend.

But a few exhibit locally also can let some home appliance manufacturers there also is affliction talk when the choice, a few regional home appliance that do not want to attend originally are exhibited, but hinder to be in place at the manufacturing base of the enterprise, because consider the supportive impact with local government, also be forced to choose to join exhibit in order to show support.

As the whole world the biggest home appliance creates base, what cultivate home appliance industry in China is global exhibit greatly meeting, the inevitable demand that has made world industry structural adjustment and progress of job of Chinese home appliance. Association of Chinese home appliance announces recently, adjust the China with conformity hind (Beijing) international home appliance is exhibited, will move 2008 division Shanghai, and more the name is ” of exposition of “ China home appliance, its target is to make grand meeting of world-class home appliance.

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