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Shoe of international of sanded Jia of A couplet chief of a tribe was exhibited
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◆ postpones meeting brief introduction

Shoe of sanded Jia of A couplet chief of a tribe is exhibited is add by famous Italy answer the shoe that exhibition group RIVA DEL GARDA FIERECONGRESSI SPA holds is exhibited. Italy is added answer exhibition group is famous Italy is added answer the shoe exhibits EXPO RIVASCHUH sponsor square, very powerful force is had in industry, have extensive world traveling trader resource does with what abound exhibit experience.

Middle east market has very large consumption capacity, only thalassic country is right shoe kind the consumptive potential of the leather that reach a skin exceeded 1 billion dollar. A couplet chief of a tribe regards an important entrepot trade as harbor, more acting transit to go to North Africa, hamster, Russia the important role of area of and other places. In the shoe kind with leather fittings between, low end 30% what product market takes middle east market, upright product is occupied in 60% , remain 10% for high-end product. Most shoe kind the purchaser that reachs fittings product is the tourist that comes to place travel. A couplet chief of a tribe is current only 8 large shoes kind, leather products company, major place product is undesirable, entrance product takes the market windward. Italy of have the aid of is added answer the client natural resources with exhibition substantial group and exhibit the main platform of the meeting, the opportunity of huge market shows a development middle east of public figure of professional now trade before.

Limits of ◆ item on display

Shoe of slipper, beach, sandal, children's footwear, male shoe, female shoe

Place: Sanded Jia of A couplet chief of a tribe exhibits a center

Time: In Feburary 2009 9-11 day