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Congratulate grand opening of exposition of textile of international of 2008 Chi
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Exposition of textile of international of 2008 China bridge stalking or branch (autumn) be about to atOn October 25, 2008- in Chinese Ke Qiao • world trade center is held 28 days.

Bencibo is seen can save commerce of people government, China International promote union of trade of association of textile industry of committee, China, China to be sponsorred jointly by Zhejiang, expand bureau support by commerce of chamber of commerce of Chinese textile imports and exports, Hong Kong, save product of spin of hall of collaboration of foreign trade economy, country to develop commerce of center, China International to promote committee Zhejiang to save branch, Zhejiang to save carry on to promote city people government, Zhejiang to save carry on to promote prefectural people government to undertake by Zhejiang.

Current the principle that the meeting that spin rich will hold to internationalization further, for the commerce of enterprise of domestic and international spin collaboration builds a service interactive and innovation, open reveal, negotiate platform.

We invite the major outside the condition sincerely to purchase business to look around negotiate.

This second exhibit conference plan to set a standard to exhibit 1100 (3m X 3m) , among them fabrics (dress) install especially exhibit about 50 (amount to standard exhibits about 400) , fabrics (the home spins) the standard exhibits about 400, spin machinery standard exhibits an area of about 300; exhibitions; of 31 thousand square metre is main: Spin fabrics (complementary makings) , textile of dress, family expenses, spin is mechanical. Advocate exhibit an area to distribute a share in all:

A house (fabrics garment district) center of —— world trade 2 buildings

B house (fabrics home spins a division) center of —— world trade 3 buildings

C house (spin machinery division) first floor of center of —— world trade
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