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Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau four thanks sent to
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Four times to and from Shanghai, traveled all the Expo Hall for the visitors sign the signature soft, this is the Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau Vicente Gonzalez the past six months of life, a busy but full, Hard but happy. World Expo in Shanghai will drop the curtain on the occasion, he accepted the Xinhua News Agency reporters De Dianhua and Cai Fang, and give their gains and moved his right, and spent four sincere "thank you" to express his feelings. 洛塞塔莱斯 said, back in before the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, the organizers plan to set ambitious. One hand, they hope to attract visitors than any other country and came to Shanghai, on the other hand want to show the world city City life best practices. "Now we can say that these objectives have been achieved, but also greatly exceeded expectations. The current number of visitors has exceeded 70 million people, the world's media in Shanghai World Expo of intensive coverage. In addition, in terms of the Expo to promote economic, sustainable development or environmental protection have had a significant impact. " Many sessions as a witness to the Expo, that the most important feature of the Shanghai World Expo is the scale and innovation. Scale Needless to say, enthusiastic visitors to the park or even the time of the day received 100 Million visitors; innovation is mainly reflected in the establishment of the Urban Best Practices Area of the Virtual World Expo and online, allowing people who can not visit Shanghai at home can share in the fun. told reporters that every time he went to Shanghai, probably will stay one to two weeks. "Since I was the World Expo selection committee members, visited all the halls. Apart from hard work, I feel Particularly happy, seeing the Shanghai Expo a success step by step, I think is worth paying more. "He said that in the days of the Expo, to give him the deepest impression is that ordinary visitors, they appreciate the different National Museum, serious about learning to enjoy the fun of the Expo will bring them, this good feeling to let him deeply moved. On television and in newspapers as "high visibility", people in the park is often recognized. "Many people came and requested me to sign their passport Expo, I am very happy to meet their demands. Does anyone have a photo taken with me, I am sorry I do not speak Chinese, it is not possible to conduct more exchanges in language, but I can strongly feel their enthusiasm and friendship. " In addition to harvesting moved also see China and the World Expo will bring change. In his view, the World Expo in China and the world to enhance mutual understanding and mutual trust, and can further enhance the public on Awareness of sustainable development. "You can understand by the Expo Hall of the benefits of protecting the environment, you can see the way the use of clean waste of the whole process, so you will understand that these initiatives will help us Quality of life and achieve sustainable development, "he said," Shanghai World Expo is a discussion on the wonderful city, is a dialogue about the quality of the city. Through this opportunity, people will be more actively engaged in To clean the building and to society, and some advanced technology demonstration will also help to promote them to other countries. " Interview Finally, truthfully say: "I want to say thank you China, thank you for the excellent organization, thank the organizers and the Chinese people to welcome visitors from around the world when the generous shown, thanks Public input for this session of the World Expo of effort. During this period, China's organizers and the participating countries and organizations closely with, and their only one purpose - that is the best to host the World Expo in history. "