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HP unveiled the 12th China Chain Store Expo
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November 5, sponsored by the China Chain Store Association, enjoy the "Year of China chain industry will be" the reputation of the retail industry's most influential event - Twelfth China Chain Store Expo and Conference chain industry in China was solemnly held in Nanjing. HP, the world's largest IT vendors to bring retail solutions at the exhibition, a live demonstration covering reception, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, cosmetics, back office and conference room store front seven applications solutions, and industry partners work together Construction of a new generation of retail solutions, retail and business applications to meet the full requirements. "Exploring the value of multiple sources of new retail era" as the theme of the conference this chain industry audience to become the focus of heated debate, the General Assembly to online retail, retail innovation and retail logistics launched three major issues had a positive discussion. Facing retailers in the industry reshuffle, operations management and other challenges refinement, vice president of HP China, Information Products Group, Shao Dong, general manager of commercial products Dakehubu that: "IT technology is the power retailers an important force in business development. In order to gain an advantage in commercial competition, retailers need to expand the information system and upgrading to achieve complete coverage of corporate headquarters, logistics centers to the retail end to end integrated IT solutions. " HP in the retail industry has accumulated a wealth of information technology experience, with coverage for the Chinese retail enterprises integrated front-to back-end retail solutions. The program can be customized to meet the different retail formats under the IT system requirements, for the Chinese large, medium and small retail enterprises to provide coverage of IT consulting, implementation, operation and maintenance aspects of the full range of information technology solutions for retailers create a richer user-friendly retail environment to enhance the profitability of the retail business. HP's retail solutions will help retailers achieve business breakthroughs and win market opportunities Such as logistics, financial, staff and other enterprises of basic operations management, store profitability is the top priority concern of business owners. Appeared in front of this chain exhibition, HP retail solutions can effectively improve the management of store operations. The solution covers the main application of the retail industry scenario, in accordance with the operational aspects of the retail store businesses and consumers into the store, after the shopping part of the building, covering the reception, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, cosmetics, back office and conference room seven the main scenario, the integration of rPOS solutions, digital signage solutions and interactive displays and other products and applications. Store display and digital signage solutions Through the rich visual impact of the advertising and store information to attract customers is a very effective way, HP digital signage solution presents great sales information to show the perfect set up a high-performance platform with extremely high reliability and manageability , as well as a wealth of video resolution support and suspension design for quick and easy, to bring the visual impact of the end consumer to experience the rich and caused consumers shopping desires. Solutions for customers to purchase and rPOS The payment stage, customers want to minimize the queuing time to complete the transaction quickly. HP rPOS solutions can help to complete the transaction quickly and efficiently, further enhancing the customer shopping experience. HP POS machine has the appearance of small, simple and elegant design, powerful, user-friendly design features, can improve the efficiency of full-service retail stores, including the point list, checkout, stocking, inventory, to logistics and other links. In addition, it enhanced by pre-installed security software, with the cooperation with the ISV to provide a strong retail business platform for technology resources. Office and store solutions for notebook and peripherals Store in an office environment, employees need reliable, portable easy to use product. HP solutions for notebook and accessories store daily information to support queries and operations management, to help retailers consolidate internal "soft power." HP business notebook with high-quality light, solid, efficient and reliable, with a variety of battery solutions to meet the full daily office needs. Perfect combination with the HP laptop docking station, laptop port not only to expand, simplify peripheral management, and ergonomic support structure, which can effectively alleviate the long positions on cervical and lumbar office pressure. It is worth mentioning that the HP mini-projectors to attract a lot of attention, small, lightweight, portable, reliable, easy employee to show the meeting PPT. From the visual to attract consumers into the store stage, to enter the phase of the store displays, to consider the information search stage, until the final stages of purchasing, HP-end retail stores to consumers shopping solution to the internal cover all aspects of office . IT needs of enterprises based on the retail stores in addition to basic management, but also including corporate headquarters, logistics centers, stores networked integrated management and the entire supply chain management, HP-depth cooperation partners in the retail industry together to provide customers with customized hardware and software as a whole retail solutions for our customers to create customized on-demand retail applications to help retailers set up the terminal cover from the front to the back-end server stores the integration of IT solutions. Vice president of HP China, General Manager, Information Products Group Dakehubu Shao Dong said: "HP hopes to play to their advantages of global experience, the local partners through integration of resources, to break enterprise silos, to help customers meet retail industry transformation challenges, effectively improve the customer experience, and ultimately enhance the commercial value. "