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Cuban Philatelic Exhibition opening ceremony held in Jinggangshan Revolution Mu
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December 5, China - Cuba established diplomatic relations and friendly the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic letters Cuban Philatelic Exhibition cover the release ceremony of the opening ceremony held in Jinggangshan Revolution Museum. Ambassador to China, the Republic of Cuba Carlos Miguel Pereira Hernandez attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. This year is the fiftieth anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Cuba, the Cuban Post issued commemorative stamps for this set of four, of which two were selected to reflect the Jinggangshan huangyangjie scenery and historical events of the oil revolution "Jinggangshan realignment" as the main design stamps. It is the first time Cuba Jinggangshan beautiful stamp designs. The remaining two stamps were the main map of Cuba is known as "the cradle of revolution" in Cuba's Sierra Maestra mountains and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Granma landing celebration parade scene, and the "cradle of Chinese revolution," Jinggangshan and "Jinggangshan successfully joined forces, "echoes of historical events. Four stamps symbolizing everlasting friendship between China and Cuba. According to reports, in 1999, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the PRC, Cuba, has issued a postal order to reflect the "three Bay adaptation" stamp for the content of historical events. Day, the first time in Jiangxi Province China National Philatelic Corporation has produced a friendly foreign affairs activities covers also held a ceremony. The selection covers Jinggangshan and 古巴马埃斯特 Lashan China as the main pattern, the above bamboo stamps affixed Jinggangmycin China, Cuba, and Cuba established diplomatic relations for the fiftieth anniversary of the Post issued commemorative stamps and stamped with the two commemorative postmark. After the opening ceremony of the Philatelic Exhibition, the two sides carried out the 50 letters sent between children activities.