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Sun unveiled the precious manuscripts Hong Kong "Revolution Centenary Exhibiti
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According to Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao reported, "Hong Kong all major exhibition commemorating the centenary of Revolution" on November 14 to 18 at the Hong Kong City Hall Low Block Exhibition Hall. This is the first large-scale commemoration Revolution years, the exhibition by more than 300 historical photographs and artifacts, including eight sen handwriting, "Battle Huanghuagang" memorial after the Qing Dynasty and the "Great Presidential Medals" and other valuable exhibits, cherish the memory of the revolution performance of our ancestors, inspire the younger generation Ji, open up better prospects for the Chinese nation. NPC Vice Chairman Zhou Tienong, Yan Jun Qi, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Tung Chee-hwa, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Abulaiti. Abdurixit, ARATS chairman Chen Yunlin, Chief Executive Donald Tsang, Peng Qinghua, director of the Liaison Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lu Xinhua, Zhang Shibo Garrison commander, political commissar of the king by Garrison bowl Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Stephen Lam, Secretary for Home Affairs Tsang Tak-sing and other celebrities have recently wrote an inscription for the exhibition congratulations. Mr Tung, Mr Tsang, Peng Qinghua, Lu Xinhua, Zhang Shibo, Wang Zeng bowl, and the Liaison Office Deputy Director Li Guikang, the NPC Standing Committee member Rita Fan, the President Jasper, the former Tsang Hin-chi, etc., will attend the NPC Standing Committee the opening of the exhibition. Hong Kong public exhibition commemorating the centenary of the PC Revolution, director of the new Liu said that the exhibition is held in commemoration of Hong Kong following the Revolution of 2001, ninety years after the event, held in Hong Kong once again commemorate the Revolution of large-scale activities. He pointed out that compared to ten years ago, cross-strait relations have made considerable progress, cross-strait ties four places more closely, so held in Hong Kong exhibition commemorating the centenary of Revolution meaningful. Liu new view, the exhibition on Hong Kong's younger generation, was a very good national education. He disclosed that next year there will be four to five sectors in Hong Kong market commemorate the centenary of the Revolution, including in theatrical performances, and Qiao Jie total large-scale seminar. Secretary-General of the Preparatory Committee, said Li Guoqiang, exhibition of precious pictures and relics, the most precious is the eight-level cultural relics belonging to Sun Yat-sen handwriting, Sun Yat-sen in 1922, commanding expedition and combat deployment of military mobilization documents, historic value, but also the audience closer to the Sun's calligraphy enjoy authentic. The exhibition features two lieutenant-governor of Guangdong, Chen Qing Xuantong Kui Lin three years to the emperor's memorial, which His Majesty the Qing Zhu Pi's "War Department to know" and "know" instructions. Li Guoqiang said the two memorials is to study the history of the rare Late material. In addition, the exhibition features a nine decades of history, "the President medals," According to reports, this medal is awarded to Dr Chen Changguang to help put down the rebellion, he later donated to the local trade unions kept medal, has been placed Industry Employees General Union in the harbor, this is the special loan to the General Assembly for display.