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Professional of exhibition grade differentiate reach assess
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SB/T 10358-2002 of occupation standard of commerce of Chinese people republic is professional of exhibition grade differentiate reach assess Rating Standard For Professional Exhibitions is professional of exhibition grade differentiate reach assess
1. This standard set limits to be opposite professional exhibition grade differentiates and the principle of assess, requirement and method.

What this standard applies to what hold in Chinese churchyard to be a purpose with economic trade activity is professional the grade of exhibition differentiates reach assess.

2. Term and definition are following term and definition apply to this standard.

2.1 professional exhibition Professional Exhibition (show, fair, exposition) is inside the date of the place that secure or provides, regulation and deadline, the social activity of the promotes product, service through revealing promotion that exhibits business to participate in by a certain number of organization of the person that sponsor, ginseng and information, technology communication.

2.2 special decorate exhibit a Raw Space With Special Decoration by enter the proper motion that postpone business or entrust professional orgnaization special design is special the exhibition position that decorate and the area that its cover.

2.3 showpiece net area Exhibition Net Area is professional exhibition is used at what exhibit to exhibit an area summation. Express with square metre.

2.4 special decorate exhibit an area ratio Ratio Of Area For Special Booth special decorate exhibit an area summation and showpiece the ratio of net area. Express with per cent.

2.5 ginseng postpone business Exhibitor enters an exhibition and hire is exhibited organization or individual.

The ginseng that the Overseas Exhibitor that postpone business joins to enter an exhibition with name of the brand outside enterprise or condition is being registered outside the condition outside 2.6 conditions postpones business.

Professional Visitor of 2.7 professional audiences is engaged in professional the audience of the design that the product shows on exhibition, development, production, sale, service, and user audience. Note: The product that the product that indicates here can be materiality (be like mechanical spare parts) , also can be aeriform product (wait like software, service) .

2.8 grade Grade is used at differentiating professional the level set of exhibition quality difference. With English uppercase A, B, C, D expresses.

3. Of grade differentiate, basis and assess means

3.1 professional the grade assess cent of exhibition is 4 each level, by arrive high low ordinal for class of class A, B, C class, D class.

Of 3.2 grade differentiating is with professional of exhibition basically form element to be a basis, include: The successional, ginseng that exhibits area, ginseng to exhibit business, audience, exhibition exhibits the respect such as business satisfaction rate and relevant activity.
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