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Project name: Churchyard is held external economic technology exhibition does ex
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Project name: Churchyard is held external economic technology exhibition does exhibit a project to examine and approve
Executive mechanism: Department of Commerce
Examine and approve a type: Administrative license
Examine and approve content: Churchyard is held external economic technology exhibition
The basis reachs full text:
One, " the decision that the State Council examines and approve project set administration to permit about wanting the administration of reservation truly " (the State Council makes the 412nd) the 179th;
2, " general office of the State Council is held about be inside my territory external the reply that economic technology exhibition examines and approve a program to concern item " (the country handles case [2002]93 date) ;
3, " establish a foreign trader to invest the conference to show company provisional provision " (Department of Commerce makes [2004]1 date) ;
4, " hold in churchyard external economic technology exhibition runs temporary measure " (outside classics trade politics hair [1998]325 date;
5, " about reiterate and be in clearly churchyard is held external the announcement that economic technology exhibition sets about management " (outside classics trade trade is sent [2001]651 date) .
Conduction condition:
One, government of people of government of branch of the State Council, provincial people, deputy provincial town is sponsorred external economic technology exhibition, first hold the State Council that need a newspaper to approve, the 2nd Department of Commerce having a cable is approved.
2, place of branch of the State Council belongs to unit and orgnaization to hold external economic technology exhibition, sign up for approval of Department of Commerce.
3, other unit holds the place name coronal has “ China ” external economic technology exhibition, by local business affairs director branch signs up for approve of Department of Commerce.
4, the orgnaization outside the condition is held external economic technology exhibition, before must be entrusted or be being combined 3 kinds of medium units and orgnaization combination are sponsorred, and by entrust or sponsor an unit to sign up for Department of Commerce jointly.

Conduction program:

One, application unit sends foreign trade department service center of administration of application material classics, data of examination of foreign trade department is complete, be like application material of all ready sign after receiving sth, be like not all ready retreat administrative service center, inform by administrative service center application unit fills complete data.
2, foreign trade manages stimulative place undertakes the project is examined as follows;
(one) exhibition dimensions, dimensions is in what Department of Commerce is in charge of examining and approve under 1000 square metre, newspaper Department of Commerce puts on record;
(2) sponsor an unit to file a requirement;
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