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Can exhibit intellectual property to protect need multibarrel to fall together
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Can postpone estate as the rapid growth of our country economy rapid development. But, how should we undertake in the backside that develops quickly intellectual property is protected, promote this kind of development?

Home can exhibit course of study to developing at full speed, but develop quickly as what can exhibit property, the intellectual property protection that can extend course of study also is paid close attention to just increasingly by each. As we have learned, home can exhibit the intellectual property of course of study to protect strength to getting strengthening ceaselessly, chinese trade hurried is met and institute of international exhibition government was signed jointly " can exhibit property the joint statement that intellectual property protects " , zhejiang saves 12 experience such as intellectual property bureau intellectual property management department combines print and distribute " can exhibit the opinion that intellectual property protects industry about strengthening " , the job that run the government and protects intellectual property is outspread attend a meeting exhibit property.

Can exhibit phenomenon of tort of course of study to still exist

According to reporter observation, usually, in exhibit the entrance of the meeting to exhibit an area inside, do not see a ginseng exhibit business to be in almost take a picture, everywhere sees “no Photos” (do not take a picture please) annunciate; And the area is exhibited in exit, it is to go which to be able to see ” of “ spear short big gun is shining however.

The area is exhibited in the entrance inside, if travelling merchant wants to take out the word that camera takes a picture, can be prevented by courteous ground. Even if is a press photographer, besides kicking off the first day to be able to take a picture smoothly, also be declined to meet a guest by “ via regular meeting ” . The controller of one gift company expresses, to gift industry, important is originality and exterior design, new product appears on the market, be drawn lessons from very easily by “ ” , be borroweded by “ even ” . Wide hand in congregation business to gather, the size travelling merchant of domestic gift industry is here assemble, it is an ability exceeds strong “ copycat ” . Do not allow to although,take a picture insoluble basic problem, but total meeting has certain effect.

The area is exhibited in exit, it is huge crowd of people however, a lot of exhibit outside visible foreigners are taking watch for a chance or the mobile phone in take a picture, and a lot of people are carrying big case, with the data that will install of all kinds meeting to exhibit a respect, the propagandist material that exports an exhibition for the most part can be obtained freely casually. The area is exhibited in the entrance, after the foreigner exchanges calling card with the person that seek advice, a lot of people send propagandist book again especially.
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