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Custom duty of item on display and governmental the way to deal with a situation
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Item on display is carried declare at customs the job is to hold the main component that exhibits meeting project internationally, ginseng of course of study of condition foreign enterprise postpones the decision-making action that is proceeds of a concerned cost, exorbitant custom duty can be increased ginseng exhibit cost, the ginseng that controls a company secondhand thereby extends requirement. Accordingly, policy of custom duty of item on display is rising to restrict action certainly to can exhibiting the internationalization of the industry.
1997 customs total office promulgates " custom of People's Republic of China superintends method to importing exhibit " in such regulations:
Import the regulation in setting ” provision temporarily in “ item on display: Exhibit rises into the day of the condition oneself answer carry leaves the country inside 6 months. If need to lengthen answer carry to leave the country,deadline should sign up for approval of classics director custom, extend deadline the longest do not exceed 6 month. Hold the fair of above of half an year of by a definite date, should by sponsor an unit or its agent signs up for examine and verify of customs total office beforehand. “ custom duty reachs the regulation in ” of value added tax: It is the exhibit of formal entrance to turning, pay tax according to concerned regulation. What sell during exhibition is small sell article, ying Xianghai closes pay to import custom duty and other tax cost. Small sample that accords with a regulation does not pay tax.
" superintendency method " representative state is had quite on medium regulation and international- - the country such as Germany, Brazil is imported temporarily in item on display, the side such as custom duty and value added tax has apparent difference, be in especially time limit respect, in these 3 countries, with Brazil do exhibition period to be restricted the longest (5 years) and with Germany the shortest (3 month) , longer item on display imports deadline to be helpful for attracting ginseng of course of study of condition foreign enterprise to exhibit temporarily, but the disorder that also can bring custom administration to go up at the same time and phenomenon of tax evasion duty; And term is shorter, very tall to exhibiting meeting oneself to ask to be met, also resemble Germany only such exhibition is regnal, just exhibit with high quality brand likely can attract ginseng exhibit unit and target audience. In fact, even if such, germany still assures with low entrance amount regards his as competitive advantage, make up for the inadequacy of its deadline.
The author thinks, to attract course of study of condition foreign enterprise to come China ginseng is exhibited, one of measure that the government can choose are to reduce come the cost that China ginseng exhibits, can try to take the following step:
It is to be lengthened appropriately firstly import deadline temporarily.
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