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Can exhibit intellectual property to pay close attention to 9 gist to nod
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Will undertake an analysis from the different level that can exhibit a property and industrial chain, each link that current home can exhibit property all are existing the intellectual property problem of a few different level. How can solve these problems effectively especially, become the congress in rising to exhibit the key of level of intellectual property whole.   
1, home exhibits meeting group to exhibit Trade fair project to be risked by copy how to do  
Regard a few exhibition as the project, especially what a few brands can exhibit a project is possessory, home exhibits meeting group exhibits what business cares most is to exhibit meeting project how to be risked to mix by copy clone, the title that meets about exhibiting namely and content ceaselessly, happen often repeat, similar problem. Look in them, form a brand exhibit what meet and had shaped meeting ought to calculate do the ” of “ intellectual property that has “ exhibit meeting originality ” and be protected, light has can meet to exhibiting the enrollment of mark is insufficient, still answer to undertake protective to exhibiting the name of the meeting.
2, the foreign country exhibits conference organizer: How does brand transplanting China do  
A few famous brand of foreign are exhibited when can undertaking transplanting to Chinese home, often need to seek domestic partner. In continueing to use the process of name of former brand exhibition, mark so, have to exhibiting meeting brand intangible assets formerly (intellectual property) offer cognizance issue. Once cooperate,cannot eliminate burst, can cause the dispute of intellectual property. Practice experience makes clear, this problem is bilateral it is important that one when set clearly ought to give when collaboration, crucial legal content.
3, can exhibit project negotiant: The brand trades how does devoid level do  
As the ceaseless development that can postpone economy, can exhibit industry capital to run can frequent generation, the business that postpones meeting project trades be sure to be added gradually much. Be transferred to what this kind of meeting extends project ownership and trade, should involve necessarily attend a meeting the brand intangible assets that exhibits a project (intellectual property) transfer and trade. Although had appeared,be in our country a few such trading behavior and particular case. But had not come on stage in time as a result of the program of the operation and standard, especially the market trades the metric system of value decides his to consult the basis is not worth, and make the market appears more confused.   
4, group of exhibition going abroad postpones business: The enterprise is complained how to do  
Postpone business as group of exhibition going abroad, what pay attention to quite is when abroad enters exhibition, if ginseng of where manage China postpones business,be complained by the foreign trader the intellectual property dispute that tort of item on display or software reach copyright tort and causes. (home does exhibit often also go out new this kind of problem) such incident already had the tendency that rises apparently. To this, they think generally, it is not difficult to exhibit an enterprise to raise the run-of-mill requirement about abiding by intellectual property to going out, real difficult point depends on assure very hard and controlling all ginseng to exhibit item on display not to give an issue. So, limit of liability of their hope delimit, once appear the dispute of this respect, want to exhibit business to assume responsibility by concerned ginseng, and do not want restrospect to group to postpone business.   
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