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Storm of American sub debt affects China is made
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The report shows related Department of Commerce, since this year, add as American economy fast put delay, I am shown to beautiful exit amplitude glide trend. Especially since sub debt crisis erupts, the range of fall after a rise is more distinct. Exit saves Zhejiang to also be affected certainly greatly. Should develop diversity market to basically export the company of the market with the United States (wait for a country like middle east, southeast Asia) , will export a risk dispersedly.
Report from our correspondent (Chen En of reporter of learn on job sinceres) close paragraph time comes, the economy that storm of American sub debt causes is fatigued and weak the exit professional work that has begun to affect domestic company.

Not long ago, department of Commerce exports statistic to show to before this year 3 quarters, add as American economy fast put delay, the exit amplitude that faces the United States is shown glide trend, and since sub debt crisis erupts particularly apparent.

Regard exit as big province, zhejiang is not exceptional also of course. In interviewing, what the reporter experiences the expression that to Zhejiang business of a few export is opposite apparently is anxious.

Export business suffers an effect

“ sub debt lets us also feel pressure to the influence of American economy. ” a few days ago, exporter of a handicraft is opposite Hangzhou the reporter sighs with emotion. It is reported, the product that he sells basically sells country of past United States, as blame necessaries of life, purchaser is relatively sensitive to the price. So, the impact that get is bigger also. He is in of the near future exhibit the discovery on the meeting, the United States purchases the form of business to decrease somewhat.

According to the report that chamber of commerce of Zi of American famous research organization issues, index of American consumer confidence is successive October this year 3 months glide, by September 99.5 fall to 95.6, for the lowermost level since October 2005. The chain reaction that sub debt storm causes, make the United States consumes demand to show drop posture, the export company move that also lets be in Zhejiang is the same as experience.

The consumptive slow down in demand of “ United States, influential to the export business affirmation of the company. ” Hangzhou takes outfit exporter to say to the reporter, oneself are main in doing, high-grade dress is exported, price susceptibility is not tall and only one part sells past United States, the circumstance is not bad. Nevertheless, the part travels together to had felt order is decreasing.

Not long ago, the report that Department of Commerce issues about the branch shows, our country is exported to the United States first quarter compared to the same period amplitude is amounted to 20.4% , the 2nd quarter drops 15.6% , the 3rd quarter compared to the same period amplitude is only 12.4% . Add as American economy fast put delay, I am shown to American exit amplitude glide the trend is clear. Especially since sub debt crisis erupts, our country of the 3rd quarter already appeared to beautiful exit relatively substantially fall after a rise.
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