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Market of consumable of city of peaceful wave of the 3rd quarter moved an analys
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On the platform that market of consumable of 3 quarters our city rises more quickly in the beginning of the year, continued to carry better growth state. Expand inside need, effect sees at the beginning of the policy of stimulative consumption, consumptive consciousness rises apparently, market purchasing power is driving.
One, market of 3 quarters consumable moves fundamental condition
(one) social consumption demand maintains high speed growth
Total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of 1-9 month whole town finishs 74.9 billion yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 17.4% , amplitude continues to present ascendant impetus, certain in city of the total level that save the land room the first, tower above Hangzhou 0.7 percent. Among them the amplitude of this city class will is September 20.5% , obtain better result, this class is the county 19.1% , it is under the county 17.0% .
(2) region economy progress tends reasonable and balanced
11 counties of whole town (city) , area consumable market appears good progress impetus, turnover amplitude daybreaks except the sea (grow 13.7% ) outside, all exceed 15% above. Among them: Logical sequence of Yin city, north, Jiang Beicheng shows banner growth tendency, compare respectively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 28.3% , 20.7% with 20.6% ; Hai Shu, Ci Xi, more than Yao is retail and absolutely the forehead keeps banner, amount to 12 billion yuan respectively, 11.3 billion yuan mix 8.1 billion yuan. Each county (city) , region market grows advance side by side- do two or more things at once, consumptive ability tends the balance is reasonable, consumptive demand increases further.
(3) development of limitation above business is dovish add fast
1-9 month, line of business of wholesale and retail trade realizes limitation above social consumable total volume of retail sales 29.7 billion yuan, grow 17.85% compared to the same period, the proportion that holds turnover of consumable of whole town society is compared on year increase 0.36 percent. Turnover of consumable of whole town of turnover amplitude tower above 0.45 percent; Prep above limitation is the following and wholesale amplitude of turnover of retail trade business 0.39 percent.
2, the basic characteristic that market of 3 quarters consumable moves
(one) from the point of consumptive industry, approve 0 trade line of business to still take dominant place. Approved 0 trade line of business to have the main effect that prop up to the rapid growth of consumable market, 1-9 month approves 0 trade line of business to realize social consumable total volume of retail sales 66.8 billion yuan, grow 18.23% , than going up year increase 2.84 percent, the proportion that holds social consumable turnover is 89.18% . At the same time 1-9 month retail trade carries higher growth rate continuously, implementation sells 60.9 billion yuan, grow 20.1% , course of study of prep above accommodation, meal 8.8 percent. In last few years since, our city trade is current the company transforms actively management means, ceaseless enlarge Dalian locks up scope of operations and dimensions, make run all sorts of contemporary management means that give priority to and retail trade state in order to interlink thereby swift and violent development, outstanding achievement of retail business sale highlights large trade, 1-9 month is each big market turnover of bibcock to amount to 3.79 billion yuan with Yin Tai, grow 17.78% compared to the same period, the chain company that is leading sheep with 3 rivers shopping club realizes turnover 7.81 billion yuan, grow 24.63% compared to the same period.
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